On full display from the home, this garden with grass mounds and pergola inspires intrigue and adventure – lawn bowls might be out though

Landscape by Bell Landscapes


The house has a strong connection to the landscape due to the expansive glazing provided by the doors and windows at the rear.

This means the landscape is viewed from all areas inside the living and kitchen zones. 

The large spotted gum deck creates the bridge between the home and gardens. 

The brief

The client brief was to have a garden that inspired fun, play, and adventure and not your typical patch of lawn with a few plants around the sides – they wanted something unique and fun and encouraged us to think outside the box!

Rising to the situation

In response Bell Landscapes introduced two eye-catching features above and beyond the lush plantings.

The previously small, flat lawn has been reinvented with intriguing backyard mounds that could be anything from lawn sculpture to a hobbit's hill-like home.

The mounds were created with soil, road base and a small amount of cement to stabilise them.

The outcome is a highly individualistic backyard outlook culminating with the other standout feature – a timber pergola at the rear of the garden.

Character recycled brick paving and blue stone steppers complete the intriguing, almost magical picture.

Credit list

House architect
Alchemy Architecture 
Perimeter fencing
 Timber paling fences
 Spotted gum
Waterhousia Floribunda, native viola, Lambs Ears, Lomandra grass, Arthropodium Cirratum; Stephanotis vines, Ligularis Remiformas, Grevillea, Sencio, Ajuga Reptans, Corymbia ficifolia 'flowering Gum', Syzigium 'select form'
Landscape design and construction
 Recycled brick paving, bluestone steppers
Mounds, paving and pergola

Designed by: Bell Landscapes

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by:  Eye Level Images

17 Dec, 2023

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