Kitchen renovation provides contemporary design, with three stainless steel workstations

Kitchen remodel by Ridolfi Architecture features quartzite stone around stainless steel cabinets with freestanding wall hiding scullery

Quartzite stone wraps around the three stainless steel architecture, house, interior design, living room, real estate, gray
Quartzite stone wraps around the three stainless steel workstations in this new kitchen designed by architect Domenic Ridolfi. The stone gives the workstations a strong, sculptural presence that balances the light, airy look created by the extensive glazing and open stairs.

A contemporary extension to an Art Deco house provided a blank canvas for the design of this new kitchen. But it wasn't without a few challenges, says architect Domenic Ridolfi of Ridolfi Architecture.

"The extension, at the rear of the house, faces south, so we needed to maximise the natural light. It was also important to provide a modern living space while being respectful of the Art Deco style of the existing cottage."

Ridolfi says the owners have worked in the hospitality industry for many years, and this was also a key design influence.

In this new kitchen by Domenic Ridolfi, one house, interior design, gray, white
In this new kitchen by Domenic Ridolfi, one workstation serves as a coffee and drinks centre. With wide openings between the units, circulation is unobstructed.

"They wanted a modern, innovative space that would evoke the entertaining spirit. A simplicity of form and materials was essential."

With this in mind, Ridolfi created a large, free-flowing space with ample glazing the glass wall beside the stairs overlooks a courtyard that functions as a light well. There are also skylights that bring light into the work areas and scullery in the heart of the home.

Instead of traditional cabinetry, the architect designed three commercial-style stainless steel workstations, and wrapped these in quartzite stone to create three sculptural volumes. A scullery behind a freestanding wall conceals a refrigerator, wine cellar and pantry storage.

A curved skylight above this new kitchen echoes architecture, bathroom, countertop, floor, home, interior design, kitchen, real estate, room, sink, tap, gray
A curved skylight above this new kitchen echoes a curve at the front of the Art Deco-style house. With a freestanding wall stopping short of the ceiling, natural light can penetrate the scullery behind. The design is by Ridolfi Architeture.

"I enjoyed pulling apart the idea of a kitchen, and not conforming to any preconceived notion of how a kitchen should work," the architect says. "Each of the three work areas has a specific role to play. The main food preparation area has a large sink and a bank of appliances, including a Smeg double-oven range. The workstation on the wall behind this is ideal for washing and preparing vegetables these are stored in refrigerator drawers beneath the counter."

The third, aligned workstation at one side of the kitchen is for entertaining this is where coffee and drinks are prepared.

"The two main benches are higher than usual, allowing family and friends to stand around and enjoy food tasting, a drink and good conversation," says Ridolfi.

Credit list

Ridolfi Architecture (Melbourne)
Quartzite stone from CDK Stone, and stainless steel in kitchen; stained timber in pantry
Ebond over heated concrete slab
KBR commercial
Kitchen manufacturer
Wolfgang Braun
Quartzite stone from CDK Stone
Stainless steel
Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) Kitchens – Winner

Story by: Colleen Hawkes

28 Jul, 2015

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