Dappled and nuanced like nature

A master ensuite has all the right touches thanks to interior design by Home Candy Interiors and some considered tile choices from The Tile Depot

Designed by Home Candy Interiors

Situated at the end of a private right of way in Hawera is a beautiful piece of land surrounded by farmland and native bush – a  fabulous location for a Taranaki family of four to build their new family home.  

With such a stunning location, blessed with expansive rural views, it was important from the outset to ensure the modern home retained a connection to the outdoors, and nowhere is this connectivity more evident than in the beautiful master ensuite.

Intimate and sophisticated 

Seeking to create a retreat feel in the master bedroom and ensuite zones, interior designer Candace Schrader of Home Candy Interiors knew she wanted to inject a darker tile into the space for a more intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. 

As the views from the master bedroom are entirely filled with greenery, a green tile was sought to connect the ensuite with the landscape beyond. 

“We chose the green tile first as I knew it was going to be the feature in the space," says Schrader. "I fell in love with the Tribeca Sage Green at first sight and was so glad when the homeowner loved it too. 

"The green of these tiles is so beautiful and so varied, they’re not one-note or flat, they are dappled and nuanced like nature.” 

Upon entering the ensuite, you are struck by the gorgeous green hues of the tiled shower wall which traverses the full width of the room. 

A high gloss tile with an undulating surface, the Tribeca Sage Green both injects the intimate darker tones sought for the double shower, while also reflecting light and enhancing the sense of spaciousness within the room. 

Luxurious vibe

“Deep greens have a luxurious vibe and just makes one feel instantly relaxed,” the interior designer says.

On the adjoining shower walls, Tribeca Gypsum White has been selected to contrast and complement the greenery of the Tribeca Sage Green. 

These white walls frame the Sage Green feature wall and flow seamlessly from the walk-in shower to the room beyond. 

By selecting a tile within the same collection,  Home Candy Interiors was able to retain a uniformity of size and texture that reflected the modern, almost minimalist character of this contemporary new home. 

The Tribeca collection is characterised by a somewhat vintage edge detailing which in the white tile, softens the intensity of the white “…so it’s not harsh or stark – another tile wouldn’t have been as seamless with the green".

Both the Tribeca tiles were then laid in a vertically stacked pattern from floor to ceiling – an elegant and simple installation where all the grout lines aligned and the tiles were able to shine on their own. 

Mid-century reference

This had the benefit of making the relatively small room feel more spacious with seemingly high ceilings, but was also a subtle reference to the homeowners' love of Mid-century design, with the earthy tones and geometric forms.

The Mid-century references were also apparent in the custom wood vanity where it was also important that the tiles complemented the vertical wooden detailing. 

Similarly, grout colour was also used to enhance the Mid-century vibes, with a contrasting white used to make the Tribeca Sage Green tiles really pop and highlight that striking vertical geometric form. 

White grout was also used on the Tribeca Gypsum White tiles in order to soften their effect and to really allow the green tiles to feature.

When it came to selecting tiles for the floor, the interior designer wanted something easy, practical and beautiful. 

It needed to be something neutral to enhance the beauty of the wall tiles, while also referencing a cement character which tied into flooring in other areas of the home.

 Limestone Pearl Matt (600x600mm) perfectly met these requirements – a porcelain tile which was described by Schrader as "having a beautiful texture and variation through it… and when you look closer has a special beauty of its own”.  

The Limestone Pearl brought a softness and warmth to the space despite the grey colour, and was subsequently also used in the main bathroom and separate toilet. 

In the ensuite, it is laid across the floor and into the shower, enhancing the sense of spaciousness and flow throughout the room.

In summation

When selecting tiles from The Tile Depot for the master ensuite, the interior designer had a vision that would ensure cohesion with other areas of the homes interior and connectivity to the outdoors, at the same time capturing a chic nod to the homeowners' love of Mid-century design. 

As Home Candy Interiors was involved in the interior design for the entire home, flow, cohesion and balance between all spaces was expertly achieved. 

The ensuite is a triumph of design where a luxurious retreat has been created for the home's owners, away from the hustle and bustle of the wider family areas – a truly magnificent space, designed for lingering.

For more details on The Tile Depot and the array of character tiles available, along with a wide range of other home solutions, visit the website here

Credit list

Custom vanity
Primo Bathroomware
Ensuite tiles
Tribeca Gypsum White (60x246mm); Tribeca Sage Green (60x246mm); Limestone Pearl Matt (600x600mm)
Andy Prestige Builder
Tile supply
Keith Beer

Designed by: Home Candy Interiors/The Tile Depot

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Home Candy Interiors

12 Feb, 2023

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