In the limelight bathroom by Taras Wolf

Architect Taras Wolf master bathroom

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Stage presence elevated on a platform, the bathtub in this master suite is the focus of attention. Designed by architect-owner Taras Wolf, the bathroom is open to the bedroom, with the shower and toilet positioned within glass cubicles.

Over the course of our lives we spend many years in the bathroom, either getting ready for the day ahead or preparing for bed. So it makes sense to create an environment where such everyday routines are enjoyable.

Architect Taras Wolf takes the idea one step further he believes the bathroom should be a stage that brings a heightened sense of drama to bathing. And to reinforce this notion, for his own home he positioned the bathing area on a raised platform. Wolf says the platform, made from dark spotted gum, also helps to define the space, which is open to the bedroom.

Glass walls around the shower and toilet cubicles that sit on the platform further enhance the sense of theatre.

The sleek, custom-designed Minosa stone vanity in this architecture, bathroom, floor, flooring, home, interior design, plumbing fixture, product design, real estate, room, sink, tile, gray
The sleek, custom-designed Minosa stone vanity in this open-plan master suite is suspended between two large cabinets. The design is by Taras Wolf.

"These glass boxes are like display cabinets," Wolf says. "They align the east-west axis, while the bathtub and vanity anchor the north-south axis. A battened timber walkway between the glass cubicles is both a draining board and a platform to stand on and dry yourself. It also references traditional Asian bathrooms, and consequently our own family heritage."

Wolf says the materials underfoot were a key consideration.

"A bathroom is a space you normally feel with your feet and hands. I was very conscious of the surface textures and their respective temperatures. The timber is smooth and warm, and is contrasted by a flamed, brushed Bedonia sandstone in the display cubicles. The cantilevered Mimosa vanity is a very smooth material that is not cold to touch. In fact the scoop of the vanity is seductive and encourages you to run your hands along the whole length."

Architect Taras Wolf master bathroom architecture, bathroom, ceiling, floor, flooring, interior design, real estate, room, gray
Architect Taras Wolf master bathroom

The architect says the vanity was designed so it appears to float between two cabinets the effect is heightened by the mirrored wall behind.

"Having a mirror below the vanity increases the feeling of spaciousness, and allows you to see yourself from the bathtub opposite."

Credit list

Taras Wolf AIA,
Tectonic floorboards supplied by Eco Timber; Bedonia sandstone from Artedomus
Vanity unit
Minosa stone
David Toebelmann,
LED, from various suppliers
Shower fittings
Teknobili from Reece

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Andrew Ashton

06 Oct, 2013