How to make your bathroom look stylish and expensive

If you want to give your bathroom a makeover that makes it look stylish and expensive, these are some of the useful tips you can follow

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Tile diagonally

Instead of using a regular tiling technique, try tiling diagonally. Tiling along a square in a horizontal or vertical line can look classy, but tiling diagonally will give your bathroom an edgy and expensive-looking ambience. Plus, it will open up space.

In terms of wall tiles, experts in interior design usually suggest covering a wall in tiles, all the way to the ceiling to create a glam look. This can add sparkle and dimension to your bathroom. Choosing the right tile is obviously important, but the way you use them may matter even more.

If you opt to use a professional for this task, then tiling can be expensive. It can cost thousands of dollars depending on how large your bathroom is. However, if you like exploring all kinds of DIY projects, you can also try doing this on your own, simply by following useful YouTube tutorials.

Add large-scale lighting

Another great tip for making your bathroom look really luxurious is to add large-scale lighting such as a large flush-mount chandelier. A chandelier can make a bathroom feel even more spacious than it is and will definitely add a touch of luxury.

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Add plants

The addition of plants to a bathroom can also turn up the 'wow' factor. Fresh plants that provide healthy airflow in the bathroom will catch anyone’s attention as soon as they walk in. You can also use them as a pop of colour if you opt for neutral colours for your bathroom design. Also, many plants actually thrive in the often humid conditions of a bathroom so plants such as Aloe Vera will simply love being in your bathroom.

Indulge in classy containers

For this one, you don't actually have to buy one of those bathroom sets with matching toothbrush holders and soap dispensers. This is about all of your toiletries and how you could store them in good-looking, eco-friendly containers that can last you a long time. For instance, instead of single-use plastic bottles, buy bulk and decant your shampoo, lotion and body wash into beautiful glass bottles. Not only will this make your bathroom feel luxurious, but you'll also be more eco-friendly.

Punch up your towels

Opt for towels that gave rich details and soft material. Look for towels with embroidered edges, monogramming, or ribbon trim. For instance, Turkish towels are some of the best and luxurious-looking towels around. 

Incorporate gold and metallic accents

Some of the best décor staples from the '70s and '80s are coming back, including gold-toned metal accessories which add warmth and elegance to any space. Think of all your bathroom accessories and fixtures and how you could incorporate them into your bathroom design to create a new and luxurious looking space. 

Add a large mirror

To elevate your bathroom’s look still further, consider adding a large mirror that has a unique shape or finish. The right mirror can make a strong style statement while making your bathroom appear larger as well.

Colour is key 

Last but certainly not least, it's important to select a colour scheme that will tie together all the elements in a cohesive, elegant fashion. To achieve a lux, elegant look, neutral, subtle colour schemes tend to work best. 

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17 Jan, 2021

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