How to create the ultimate luxury shower

Want to unwind after a long day? Here’s how you can create a true 5-star shower experience for your home

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Create a luxury shower for your bathroom bathroom, bathroom accessory, floor, flooring, interior design, room, sink, gray
Create a luxury shower for your bathroom

If you’ve ever looked through some of our bathroom images, you’ll know just how incredible showers can be. Designers often include large rainheads which shower down water, massage jets built into the walls and custom glass walls and doors to fit the exact dimensions of the room.

Want one for yourself? Here’s how you can create a truly amazing luxury shower at home.

It all starts with a great shower head

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to shower heads, but certain types have been designed specifically with luxury in mind.

Standard shower heads with massage jets are a nice balance of luxury and affordability, with numerous options available.

Rain shower heads hang above you and cascade water down, just like rainfall. The experience is like having a waterfall right in your bathroom. Of course, if you don’t want this all the time, you can opt for a rain shower head attached to an adjustable arm.


Create a luxury shower for your bathroom bathroom, bathroom accessory, floor, flooring, interior design, room, sink, gray
Create a luxury shower for your bathroom

Massage shower jets, while not technically shower heads, fall under the same ‘shower plumbing’ banner. They can be difficult to install as they spray water horizontally – meaning positioning needs to be considered – but they’re undeniably cool (and luxurious).

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What to look for in tiles

A luxury shower truly is the sum of its parts, meaning the tiles you choose are very important. When shopping for tiles, opt for natural stone, porcelain or marble. Materials with the same look are suitable too, and cheaper.

You’ll have to consider the wider bathroom here, as going with different tiles in the shower to what’s in the bathroom could leave you with a segregated-looking space. In a small bathroom, this can make the room feel even tighter.

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Create a luxury shower for your bathroom bathroom, bathroom accessory, floor, flooring, interior design, room, sink, gray
Create a luxury shower for your bathroom

Talk to a designer about custom glass

Likely the most expensive part of a luxury shower, custom glass can get seriously pricey – especially when you start to consider heavy duty options. However, consider the benefits. Custom, heavy duty glass will look fantastic and require less weekly upkeep from you when it comes to cleaning.

If you’re considering custom glass, it’s going to pay to speak a designer or shower expert, as they’ll be able to work with you to find the right option for your bathroom and budget.

How to handle lighting

It’s certainly easy to skip over lighting when designing a bathroom or shower. After all, companies make it easy by selling extractor fan units with included heating lights. Take a step back here and look for interesting lighting opportunities. For example, you could run recessed lighting around the top of the shower or hide lighting in a shelving niche inside the shower.

With the right lighting, you can make your shower – and the bathroom – stand out.

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