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Running out of hot water is a thing of the past with the new Rinnai Infinity XR continuous flow hot water range

View of a bathroom with a marbled tiled bathroom, floor, flooring, interior design, plumbing fixture, room, shower, tap, tile, wall, gray
View of a bathroom with a marbled tiled bathtub and walls, chrome faucetry, ornaments.

In many households, being last in line to the bathroom in the morning can mean the difference between a hot or a cold shower. And it's a common problem statistics say one in five homes run out of hot water on a regular basis.

But it needn't be this way. Gas-powered continuous flow hot water systems do away with cold showers forever. The new Rinnai Infinity XR continuous flow hot water range heats the water as and when you need it, which means the hot water never runs out. It also means you're not paying to heat and hold hot water in a cylinder when you're away from the house for long periods.

Rinnai water category manager Audrey Smith says undertaking a renovation project provides an ideal opportunity to update your hot water system.

A view of a hot water cylinder from product design, tap, water, gray, white
A view of a hot water cylinder from Rinnai.

"If a homeowner is replacing a bathroom, functionality must be a priority, and this includes ensuring there is a continuous hot water supply," she says.

"The Rinnai Infinity XR is a high-performance system, which is backed by the company's renowned engineering expertise. As well as delivering a powerful water flow, it offers an increased heating capacity, and saves on space there is no need for a bulky hot-water cylinder in the house."

Smith says an advanced programming system means the new Infinity XR delivers water at the desired temperature faster and more accurately than earlier models. This ensures water temperature is less affected by other water demands.

A view of a hot water cylinder from bathroom, bathroom accessory, bathroom cabinet, cabinetry, countertop, floor, home, interior design, kitchen, plumbing fixture, room, sink, window, gray
A view of a hot water cylinder from Rinnai.

A digital controller regulates hot water delivery, and can be used to pre-set child-safe temperature levels. There is also a handy bath fill function that turns off the water at the level and temperature you want, so you never need to worry about the tub overflowing.

The Rinnai Infinity XR range includes 32 different models, which means there is a model to suit every application.

For more information on Rinnai products or to request a brochure, phone tollfree 0800 Rinnai (746 624). Or visit the website: www.rinnai.co.nz.

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19 Jan, 2007

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