Groundbreaking 3-D digitally printed ceramic tiles blend tradition and innovation on a renowned Amsterdam shopping street 

Designed by Studio RAP

Using digital design algorithms and 3-D printing processes, the Ceramic House explores a reinterpretation of the decorative qualities and design vocabulary of glazed ceramics in the historical city of Amsterdam.

Studio RAP has replicated the silhouette of the original facade, continuing the characteristic tripartite structure of the street and maintaining the overall character of the site. 

The scale, size, type, and colour of the ornaments and materials are all carefully synced with the neighbouring buildings to allow a seamless integration of traditional and contemporary architecture.

The design of the façade features intricate layers inspired by textiles—elegant creases, interlooping yarns, and stitch patterns. Its organic, wave-like quality changes as viewers approach the design from different angles. 

Gradually, as the line of vision moves, new elements within the custom ceramic tiles are unveiled, resulting in a luxury boutique that harmonizes with its historical environment, while standing out among the surrounding buildings.

Watch the 3-D printing process for the ceramic tiles

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Riccardo De Vecchi

28 Jan, 2024

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