Durable German laminate eco-friendly flooring, available from Creative Flooring

Neo laminate flooring from Creative Flooring for all residential applications extremely robust, hygienic, sustainable, comes in many colourways, patterns

Neo laminate flooring is a new product from architecture, courtyard, daylighting, interior design, lobby, window, brown, orange
Neo laminate flooring is a new product from a leading German manufacturer, it is versatile and hardwearing. Available for GD woodhaus.

Technology impacts on every area of our lives even flooring products benefit from new developments designed to improve durability and aesthetics.

One of the latest developments out of Germany is Neo laminate flooring, which is distributed in New Zealand by leading flooring specialist Creative Flooring.

Garth Dye, managing director, says Neo laminate is based on a building material that is new to the industry, called composite solid fibreboard (CSF).

Versatile and hardwearing, Neo laminate flooring from GD ceiling, floor, flooring, furniture, hardwood, interior design, laminate flooring, lobby, wood, wood flooring, white, brown
Versatile and hardwearing, Neo laminate flooring from GD Woodhaus is suited to many applications, including bathrooms. The flooring is also an eco-friendly option.

"Neo offers many benefits to anyone building or renovating. It is not only fully waterproof, but extremely robust," he says. "Manufactured in Germany by a leading laminate manufacturer, it is free of PVC and other plastics, and is recyclable. This makes it a sustainable option, which ticks another box for people looking for eco-friendly alternatives."

Neo laminate flooring is well suited to all residential applications. It is heavy duty, which makes it durable enough for hallways, kitchens and other high-traffic areas. It is also warm underfoot and hygienic, being easy to keep clean.

The laminate is available in a wide variety of colour ways and patterns.

Neo laminate flooring from Creative Flooring is suited bathroom, bathtub, floor, flooring, home, interior design, room, wood, wood flooring, gray, brown
Neo laminate flooring from Creative Flooring is suited to all residential applications, including heavy-duty areas and bathrooms.

For details of your nearest flooring retailer, take a look at the Creative Flooring website: www.creativeflooring.co.nz

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