Diary of a renovation: Volume three

Ever wondered what the renovation process is like for a designer? Katie Scott from Stick+Stone Design brings us the third instalment on her diarised progress of her own villa renovation.

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It got really cold quickly, it seemed, so we pushed to get the new roof on and external walls all back on and the new window glazing finished so we can all focus on the inside as soon as possible.

And also be warm with all the sanding, painting of all the walls and ceilings being done in a dry house.

I was before anything a bathroom designer and bathrooms being my favourite room to create I finished this first. 

This is the first room in the house to be  99% finished, just waiting for a tap spout which needs an extension because my walls are too think for a standard one now. 

So that was a delay, but luckily the rest of the house has weeks to go to catch up while we wait for this tiny little thing from Italy (sigh) ...

Winter's here, but with the roof now on, architecture, building, cottage, fence, home, house, neighbourhood, picket fence, porch, property, real estate, residential area, roof, siding, suburb, teal, black
Winter's here, but with the roof now on, interior work can continue in the dry.

The villa is small so I made sure my bathroom is loud and proud. 

It had to feel grand but contemporary and I love dark bathrooms and brass – so this was a room I had my heart set on from the beginning! 

Luckily I’ve used the same tilers for many years and they always know to expect something different .... this time a brass trim separating a stone-look concrete  tile and a black timber-look plank to the ceiling. 

All the trim in the room is brass – the fittings, mirror frame and shower glass channels are all matched to be the same brass colour.

My lights!!!!! 

The bathroom vanity wall lights are by an Australian based NZ connected company called “Soktas “which I had chosen even before I knew the tiles needed them! 

The marble top I was lucky enough to get as an off cut from the kitchen stone company Architectural Stone. 

This worked perfectly and saved me some money which we needed as my choice in master bedroom wallpaper is apparently not the cheapest! 

However, it's something I’ve wanted in there from the start so fingers crossed it all looks right .... yes even designers can question some crazy decisions when it’s our own project :) 

The bathroom had to feel grand and contemporary architecture, bathroom, bathroom accessory, bathroom cabinet, building, floor, furniture, house, interior design, marble, plumbing fixture, property, room, sink, tap, tile, toilet, black, white
The bathroom had to feel grand and contemporary with brass detailing.

So, mishaps ... the floors ! 

Because of the age of house over the years it’s been added to, resulting in the timber floors being a mishmash of different woods. 

So we had to stain the floors darker than I had wanted but with not many options it was the best way to make them all flow... 

I’ll see the results when the protective boards are removed – eeek!

With the floorboards stained for continuity, it just architecture, building, cabinetry, ceiling, countertop, daylighting, floor, furniture, glass, hardwood, home, house, interior design, kitchen, lighting, property, real estate, residential area, room, table, window, wood, wood flooring, gray, black
With the floorboards stained for continuity, it just awaits the protective covering to be raised.

Panelling has been added to the hallway. 

The builders are doing a great job and all the ceilings are flat now and finished – looking great, like a new villa!!

So, the push to the finish line. Now waiting for the stone tops for the kitchen to go in and then we are on fit-out. 

Yaaay, only a month behind schedule! I can’t wait to see the kitchen in and the wallpaper up.

The hallway panelling has now been completed. architecture, building, ceiling, floor, hall, house, plaster, property, room, wall, gray
The hallway panelling has now been completed.

Story by: Katie Scott, Stick+Stone Design

29 Jun, 2019

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