Diary of a renovation: Volume two

Ever wondered what the renovation process is like for a designer? Katie Scott from Stick+Stone Design is back to update us on the progress of her own villa renovation

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We had a whole wall removed and re-clad, as it was just not salvageable.

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The whole house had to be re-piled and then the house had to be straightened. As it was built on an angle, it seems the more we straightened, the more wonky the front looked.

All the windows were removed and re-glazed with thermo glass to help keep it warm and a little quieter.

Week 10:

The ceilings were all made level. However, it was like a domino effect – the straighter you made something, the more wonky it made other things look. So, we had to keep doing every little thing to make it perfect – well, villa perfect.

In addition, I wanted to put panelling down the hallway and paint it gloss black. But the builders had already started panelling and we realised that the walls needed to be straighter to look good. So we pulled the panelling off again and straightened the hallway walls, too. Now the panelling is going back on.

Similarly, all the walls in the bathroom had to be completely flat in preparation for the tiling.

Meanwhile I’ve done the shopping. The tiles, fixtures and vanity are ready to go, I have my lights and hardware sitting there all pretty just waiting for their time – here’s hoping it’s soon!

All of the prep work has been done over the past few weeks, so hopefully we can fit off soon. Tilers in next week!

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Story by: Katie Scott, Stick+Stone Design

24 May, 2019

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