Di Henshall Interior Design wins 2023 TIDA Australia Interior Design of the Year

Congratulations to Di Henshall Interior Design, winner of the TIDA Australia Interior Design of the Year – a design that meets differing homeowner requirements

Watch a slide show tour through this award-winning interior by Di Henshall Interior Design

It's not uncommon for home design professionals to have to satisfy two owners who come with slightly differing design requests.

And that was the situation for the interior design of this expansive family home that overlooks the Sunshine Coast.

He had been a professional dancer, musician and singer in his earlier life, before entering the corporate world, and has  an outgoing personality. She has a quieter, more ordered personality, wanting everything in its place and only natural materials to be specified.

Key to solving those opposites was a large pavilion on the plan that hadn't been designated for any specific function.

This was developed into a glamorous performance area, with raised stage, a huge back-lit bar and games area.

That contrasts with the calm and natural atmosphere of the living areas of the home – such as the main lounge, with its curved furnishing, a custom carpet with a design representing falling leaves, and a custom balsa wood wall light in the form of a stylised flower.

Separating the lounge from the  dining room is a full-height, timber-framed mosaic panel, which also incorporates a leaf design.

In keeping with the use of natural materials, timber panelling and cabinetry is also used throughout the home, such as in the kitchen, hallway and master suite.

For the TIDA judges, this project demonstrated a skillful implementation of interior design concepts across a substantial home with wide ranging spaces.

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Designed by: Di Henshall Interior Design

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: John Downs Photography

09 Nov, 2023

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