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Winners – 2019 TIDA Australia Architect Renovation

From the architects:

When the Chan family approached us, they presented a unique brief to renovate their existing home considerably. A growing family and need for a home office demanded a more significant place to dwell. For many families, the idea of moving is daunting, especially when you love your location. However, the brief for more home was substantial and raised the question of whether or not a complete knockdown was more sensible.

A new build was too much of a commitment. The family wanted to stay in the home throughout the construction process. The concept of renovating and extending in stages allowed for more breathing room to explore their design vision with as little disruption as possible.

Crucial to this staged construction process was having a good builder on board in the early stages and working cooperatively with them throughout the design process. 

The garage and studio were constructed first to allow the clients to live on-site while the following stages of construction proceeded. 

Following the studio build, open plan living spaces were created, serving as a connective tissue between the existing building and new studio space. 

Finally, the remaining traditional brick veneer and pitched roof were updated to reflect the modern addition. We were able to create a cohesive design, blending existing and new construction. When viewing the house for the first time, you would never realise it was a renovation.

Every inch of the existing home was reworked, redesigned, and updated. The existing house had many good qualities which allowed the renovation to accentuate and reinvigorate the house to suit the needs of the client.

A beloved feature of this project was the beautiful curved wall featured in the master bedroom ensuite. We have seen a lot of imperfections in curved wall construction and celebrate the true craftsmanship by TSP Developments demonstrated throughout the home.

A challenging aspect of this project was the complex form of the intersecting angled roofs. Hiding the structural intersections proved challenging and required great attention to detail. Structural columns necessary to support the complex roof were hidden within internal walls reducing the visual bulk of the exterior. The builder successfully integrated the new structures seamlessly creating an inspiring roofline.

The final result is an elegant 5-bedroom home with an exciting open plan living space that completely opens up to an expansive entertaining deck. This brief of renovation rather than demolition has resulted in a unique modern design suited ideally to the growing Chan family.

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Capital Image

27 Nov, 2019

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