Bringing together creative professionals in one dynamic environment was the primary focus of this office design

Red, brown and blue carpet, glass screens with gray
Red, brown and blue carpet, glass screens with offices behind them, red panels.

Whatever the nature of its business, a company can only move forward if its staff are united towards a common goal. Office environments are an important way in which to engender a sense of unity and purpose among employees.

Aderant, an international software firm, required a flexible, cost-effective office design that was able to unite the staff.

Stack's interior designer Samantha Ebel-Brown began with a reception area invested with a South Pacific flavour.

"The premises are designed to establish a background or canvas that allows for an evolving brand, while maintaining a company culture."

The charcoal, cream and olive green flooring is reminiscent of the New Zealand bush. The woven glass pattern resembles Maori flax weaving and the cedar panels behind the reception desk reference the weatherboard of the traditional Kiwi holiday house.

View of the kitchen, black and white floor, function hall, interior design, lighting, restaurant, table, black, brown
View of the kitchen, black and white floor, pendulum lights mounted from the ceiling, black bar stools, wooden bench top, red and brown cabinetry, white appliances.

Beyond the reception area, Ebel-Brown says the colour scheme of the workstations is deliberately muted.

"Shades of green and cream create a soothing office environment. These soft shades are accented by a shot of red throughout the interior that is designed to evoke the colour of pohutakawa blooms."

An abundance of common spaces such as meeting rooms and utility areas encourages interaction between departments. However, it is the large break-out area which is the design's centrepiece.

Dark carpet strips lead into this space from the other areas, intersecting to form a cross. This reinforces the sense of having arrived at the company's core a space that is specifically designed for both clients and staff to mingle and communicate.

The area's bold colour scheme of lime green, orange, red and black is in striking contrast to the muted shades in the main office area.

Legend plan of the office. area, design, diagram, drawing, floor plan, line, plan, product design, white
Legend plan of the office.

A large canoe-shaped table is positioned at the centre of the cross. The bar stools are just one of three seating options, catering to both large and intimate gatherings.

The ceiling height is raised to four metres and Ebel-Brown painted it black to create a sense of drama. Pendant lights enclose this area, producing a moody ambience.

Sofa chairs are upholstered in a fabric that depicts the frangipani flower, an iconic Polynesian symbol. The chairs' bright shades match the orange fabric wallpaper framed on the curved lime-coloured wall.

Opposite this wall, a large kitchen area caters for staff who work unusual hours.

"The break-out area was desig ned after much consultation. We wanted to create a space in which everyone would feel comfortable," says Ebel-Brown.

Credit list

Interior design and project management
Stack NZ Ltd
Fire consultant
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The Laminex Group
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Reception counter joiner
N Cole Ltd
Best maple laminate from Vidak
Breakout barstools
UFL Seating
High Performance Films
Construction company
Reception counter
Reception counter top
Graphic Glass
Office chairs
Kitchen equipment
Fisher & Paykel

Story by: Trendsideas

12 Apr, 2006