Balinese style

Dark-stained wood louvers, exposed rafters and a freestanding bathroom wall reflect a Balinese influence in this remodeled master suite

Story by: Colleen Hawkes
Contemporay bathroom in this Singapore house architecture, bathroom, ceiling, floor, flooring, interior design, plumbing fixture, room, sink, wall, orange, gray
Contemporay bathroom in this Singapore house

It's one thing to design a large master suite for a new house, but quite another to provide such accommodation within an existing home.

For the owners of this house, the solution was to link two smaller attic bedrooms to create one large suite with a bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, gallery and entertainment room.

Interior designer Angie Toh of Edgeline Planners says the original stairs to the attic were on the outside of the building.

"One of the most challenging aspects of the project was working out the best way to enclose these stairs so we could create a private retreat for the owners. In the end, we added a new wall with large windows and wooden louvers, and positioned the door to the suite on the lower level the stairs are within the suite itself."

View from the doorway of this bathroom ceiling, furniture, interior design, living room, room, black, brown
View from the doorway of this bathroom

Toh says the design has the added benefit of providing additional wall space for the owners' extensive art collection. The bridge that linked the former attic rooms is now a wide gallery, which is open to the bedroom at one end, and an entertainment room at the other end.

These wide openings, the exposed wood rafters, teak flooring and dark-stained louvers enhance the sense of a Balinese resort.

Toh says the owners have been to Bali, and wanted to re-create the sense of a private resort. Much of the furniture and the bathroom fixtures were imported from that country, including a large, sculptural tub and basins made from reconstituted stone.

The sense of retreat is reinforced by a large marble wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom that appears to be freestanding. Because the top of the wall is glazed, the suite retains its open character, and the dramatic gabled ceiling is uninterrupted.

View of the stairway which features glazing ceiling, flooring, interior design, lobby, real estate, black
View of the stairway which features glazing

"To provide extra room, the bathroom was extended into the original unused attic space," says the designer. "We were also able to add a small planted courtyard at the side, so there is a tropical garden outlook."

The resort feel is reinforced by a bamboo ladder towel rail and a rainhead shower. Open wood shelving on the marble-topped, furniture-style vanity also enhances the laid-back ambiance of the suite.

The entertainment room at the other end of the gallery features a sitting area and a television. There is also a dressing area, with an extra basin and toilet room.

Sep 21, 2010

Credit list

Bathroom designer
Angie Toh, Edgeline Planners
Shower fittings
Dark-stained teak; marble
Vanity cabinetry
The Wood Creation
Bathtub, basin and faucets
Imported from Bali
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