Apple's futuristic Steve Jobs Theater is an underground labyrinth

The new Apple Campus 2 houses an expansive auditorium that runs beneath the park inside the grounds

The new Steve Jobs Theater sits beneath the structure, water, water resources, black, blue
The new Steve Jobs Theater sits beneath the new Apple Campus

The 1000-capacity auditorium in the new Apple Campus in Cupertino is a truly impressive building. New information about the structure has emerged via Bloomberg and MacRumors (linked below), where the two websites have noted interesting construction details.The theatre is sited almost entirely underground, with a floating silver disc suspended aboveground. This disc is held in place by large glazed glass panels, which provide a panoramic outlook to the forest within the ring-shaped Apple Campus structure.Plan via the City of CupertinoAfter stepping inside, visitors take single-door elevators down into the auditorium area. After a presentation, a wall beneath the silver disc retracts to reveal the product demonstration area.The campus is expected to be the main venue in which Apple announces new products moving forward. In the past, the company has hired venues offsite.News via:BloombergMacRumors

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11 Sep, 2017

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