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Stylish, this Origami Oval from the Contour Series is outstanding with its 5'' deck.

A cutting-edge design with a unique Victorian charm. Available in a choice of 4 sizes, Elegancia C11 will add elegance to any bathroom.

The ergonomics of the Amma offers superior comfort and an enhanced thermomassage. Ideal for two bathers.

amma 7048.jpg

Meridian's simple and clean lines that will fit a variety of settings (drop-in, alcove, undermount).

Inspired from the Japanese art of folding paper into symbolic shapes, Origami's design has clean and simple lines creating an atmosphere of serenity to any decor.

This drop-in model has 2 heated backrests for comfort and warmth.

Style and details is what sets apart this beautiful bath.


This Elegancia contour is reminiscent of the Victorian style. Exclusively for a drop-in installation.

Perfect for a spa like design, this Amma 7048 is ideal for complete relaxation, for 2 bathers.

The Inua collection is now also available with a slim deck design.

origami oval 7242 contour700x700.jpg

Amma7242 flat deck

The Aromacloud diffuses a mist of essential oils to provide aromatherapy benefits. The Aromacloud diffuser is built into the deck of the bath.

elegancia contour 12 700x700.jpg


This bath can be installed either in a drop-in or alcove installation. Comfort and elegance in any setting.

This spectacular drop-in tub comes with three levels of air jets that deliver an enhanced massage.

elegancia contour 14700x700.jpg

Tis bath is innovative in all regards. With its wood or Acrystal headrest, armrests and legrest, it has been designed to maximize your comfort while enjoying the best therapeutic benefits.

elegancia contour 13700x700.jpg

The Design Series of the Origami collection features a modern minimalist look with a clear interior and assured comfort.

The Inua bath is the next generation in Thermo-massage, with the inverted V backrest and raised seat. The comfort cushion allows for the ultimate massage therapy.

The Citti tub is ideal for making the most of a small urban living space. Specifically for alcove installation, the Citti tub can still provide the best therapies.

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10 Nov, 2015

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