8 examples of great hangouts

Why have the ground below near when you can simply hang out in mid air? These cantilevered designs provide outstanding examples 

1. Designed by architect Luigi Rosselli

As part of this renovation/extension, cantilevered technology, motorised sliding louvre screens and large plate glass windows create a very liveable, comfortable addition. The substantial cantilevered first floor master bedroom provides shade and a rainproof cover to the outdoor terrace

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2. Designed by Darren Jessop, Jessop Architects

In a house sporting several engineering feats, the upper floor cantilevers over the mid level to create a sheltered outdoor barbecue and socialising area for the bedroom zone.

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3. Designed by Darren O'Neil, O'Neil Architecture

Treading lightly on the land – this home cantilevers in two directions. With end sliding doors pulled back, the bedrooms on the end of both cantilevered wings become sheltered outdoor spaces, hence the shallow-set glass balustrades.

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4. Designed by Gary Banham and Steeg Banham, Banham Architects

Okay, more roof overhangs than cantilevered architecture. For much of the year the interiors and outdoor living areas of this home had to be shaded from the sun. The architect needed extensive overhangs, so used the roof and balconies to give protection. 

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5. Designed by Box Build

"We wanted a horizontal form that was anchored to the ground at just one point, rather than a two-storey monolith that obliterated the outlook on approach,” says home designer and builder Box.

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6. Renovated by Mark Dziewulski Architect 

Touching the sea – as part of this sensitive modernising renovation, decks on both levels cantilever about 3m out over the water, increasing the hovering effect that original architect Mark Dziewulski had created for the house.

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7. Designed by Steve Gliosca, Urbane Projects

This house is all about providing different functional areas while making the most of views to the beautiful Swan River. Decks on both wings reach out to maximise sun and outlooks.

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8. Designed by SPF

This visually lighter-than-air cantilevered design could easily take off. SPF: "We needed the home’s spaces to flow into one another with ease. Our answer was to organise the plan across three ‘blades’ that radiate from a central node."

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15 Aug, 2021

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