A unique pool binds 100 years of architectural history

This clever design proves that pools don't have to be round or rectangular. Discover how this wraparound shape seamlessly connects the original 20th century workman cottage to its contemporary extension

Architect: Luigi Rosselli

Photography by Justin Alexander

From the architect: 

The wraparound swimming pool plays the starring role in these alterations and additions and becomes the architectural pivot that binds one hundred years of history.

The organic two-storey addition at the back of a single storey 1910 cottage is surrounded by a swimming pool and the water is the focus that holds the two distinct sections of the house together.

By extending the front veranda out to the side of the original cottage it provides a tandem carport, reinforcing the street presence and proportions. 

Old building techniques were adopted to construct this section, while at the rear cantilevered technology, motorised sliding louvre screens and large plate glass windows give this house a very liveable, comfortable addition.

The substantial cantilevered first floor master bedroom provides shade and a rainproof cover to the outdoor terrace, an elliptical stair connects the old and the new: the first floor bedrooms and the ground floor spaces.

Story by: Trends

Photography by: Justin Alexander

31 May, 2020

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