6 ways a green wall will benefit your home

Sure, green walls look amazing but there's more to recommend them, too – as Mark Paul, founder of nature-based solutions company Greenwall, outlines here

By Mark Paul, The Greenwall Company

Noise level reduction 

Just as plants have been used near highways to reduce noise for nearby residents, green walls can naturally block high-frequency sounds making them ideal for apartment living.

Space saving

Going up the wall saves on space especially for those with only a limited backyard or balcony to work with.

Improved air quality

Living green walls metabolise harmful toxins while releasing oxygen into the air – much like indoor plants but on a larger scale.


Due to their lightweight structure and media, green walls can be moved from home to home.

Temperature regulation and energy efficiency

By naturally cooling spaces, green walls contribute to reduced energy consumption and more sustainable practices. Just like greenroofs absorb heat throughout the day, greenwalls assist in reducing the surface temperature of brick facades by providing a natural barrier.


Green walls contribute to urban biodiversity, offering habitats for diverse flora and fauna.

Greenwall founder Mark Paul is a trained marine biologist turned horticulturist. 

Pioneering in nature-based solutions and a deep desire to recycle waste while creating new life, Mark created patented innovations in lightweight media where plants thrive. 

Using 95% recycled materials, less water, a deep knowledge of the Australian environment and flora, The Greenwall Company has delivered over 2,000 projects – one of them over 35 years old and still thriving.

Story by: Trendsideas

12 May, 2024

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