Getting your interiors to look both elegant and be functional can be a hard balance to strike. Here are some ways to achieve a sophisticated space

Creating a high-end home can be no easy feat. To develop a truly luxurious, comfortable, and functional space, you need to research the best interior design techniques to develop a home you are proud to call your very own, and one which is unique and created especially for you.

Don’t settle for second-rate décor and furnishings and learn how to make your property appear comfortable yet sophisticated. To do so, here are six helpful steps for creating an elegant interior design.

Subtle blue paint in this home looks furniture, interior design, real estate, table, gray, brown
Subtle blue paint in this home looks luxe in contrast to its wooden interiors
  • The Perfect Paint Color

The paint colours you choose will make or break your home’s sophistication. If you want to create a room that oozes style and luxury, you must pick your hues wisely. For example, neutral colors are the ideal way to create an elegant design that has the wow factor. If you want to add a splash of color into your interior design, do so using your accessories, which you can change to suit the seasons.

  • Choose Hardwood Over Carpet

While carpet will add warmth and softness to your home, hardwood offers a classic, elegant appearance that will help your home to exude style and sophistication. Despite its opulent appeal, hardwood flooring can be purchased at an affordable price, so it can be an inexpensive way to transform your interior style.

This sleek radiator has a minimal look chair, floor, flooring, furniture, interior design, lamp, light fixture, lighting, product, table, wall, gray, black
This sleek radiator has a minimal look that would maintain the elegance of any home 
Another great option – this Alimunium radiator product, radiator, gray
Another great option – this Alimunium radiator could fit into classic or contemporary homes
Or go for the rustic charm of
Or go for the rustic charm of this cast iron radiator
  • Change Your Old Radiators

Old radiators can detract from your beautiful décor, so can become a focal point for all the wrong reasons. If your current radiators are looking a little worn or outdated, the time might have come to update them. For instance, warmrooms.co.uk provides an extensive collection of sleek and stylish radiators that will complement your interior design. You simply need to choose the best design for you.

  • Remove Clutter

As you will know, clutter can make space appear messy and unorganized. Your goal must be to enjoy a clean, tidy home, which will make your interior appear more high-end. It is also essential to immediately remove any loose objects that slip into different areas of the home, and regularly dust and vacuum to create a light, airy space.

A variety of textures give this lounge home, interior design, living room, real estate, room, gray
A variety of textures give this lounge some major wow factor
  • Add Texture

You don’t need to add plenty of colors to give your home personality, as you can do so by adding texture. For example, you can create softness and intrigue using open weave linen, cotton velvet, raw silk, taffeta, and distressed velvet. Using texture will allow you to add personality and shape into your décor, and it can also absorb light and add a luxurious sheen to create a space that’s the personification of luxury.

  • Consider Your Artificial Lighting 

Lighting can make a big difference to a room’s atmosphere, especially once the sun has gone in and the evening arrives. Unfortunately, hanging lights can often narrow a room, so it can make a room feel much smaller than it is. To prevent this from happening, you should install recessed spotlights into the ceilings, which will emit a soft glow and will create a relaxing atmosphere that complements your interior design.

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08 Oct, 2018

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