6 cost-saving tips for first-time renovators that will upgrade your living spaces

Living spaces are arguably the most expensive areas in your home. To combat this, here are some top cost-saving tips to renovating, to give you insight into how we can achieve maximum effect for minimum spend!

False tiles can give off an innovative black and white, snow, wall, winter, gray, black
False tiles can give off an innovative and upmarket feel for just a fraction of the price of travertine or real marble.


Not only are they cheaper than other surfaces (such as marble), tiles offer style and practicality to any living space. Painting existing tiles in grey or white can improve old and dated tiles. It is less expensive than retiling, and can transform your bathroom or kitchen splashback.

False tiles can also be purchased, which give off an innovative and upmarket feel for just a fraction of the price of travertine or real marble. Another option is to tile on top of your existing tiles, which can modernise your area. Just ensure there is enough space, and that you are aware of your other floor heights to avoid complications!


Revive those floors! Before rushing to replace your carpets, try steam cleaning them first. This can sometimes do the trick and bring your carpets back to life.

If your home was built from the 1950s onwards, you might be in luck… dated carpets can sometimes have floorboards underneath which can be sanded back with a gloss polyurethane sealer or a tinted stain. Over-scale floor rugs are also great for those who don’t have a big budget. Not only do they anchor and divide spaces well, but they are also a perfect way to hide dated flooring!

Grey walls and white woodwork help transform this architecture, beam, building, ceiling, design, door, floor, flooring, furniture, hardwood, home, house, interior design, laminate flooring, lighting, living room, loft, property, real estate, room, table, wall, window, wood, wood flooring, orange
Grey walls and white woodwork help transform this tired farmhouse to a modern family home.


Painting is a cost-effective way to make the property look modern and upmarket, and it’s a great idea to highlight your home’s architectural features. For example, a two-tone paint scheme can make any woodwork or trim stand out – grey walls and white woodwork are popular.

If your home has lots of natural light, dark paint provides the opportunity to mask rough walls and give your home a modern feel. For newer properties, warm whites can uplift the home and look very upmarket. Or, if you have an older home, a light neutral scheme allows ornate fireplaces, rich floorboards and lead lighting to stand out.

Wallpaper or textural paper such as grass cloth also look smart and can be a great focal feature. To appeal to a broader market, make sure to paint all feature walls when selling.

Accessories can have a large impact and home, interior design, living room, real estate, room, gray
Accessories can have a large impact and create a tailored and upmarket style.


Renovating on a budget doesn’t mean you have to lose the decorative items, or the opportunity to spruce up your home. Inexpensive curtains, scatter cushions, plants, and other accessories can have a large impact, creating a tailored and upmarket style. Sticking to a consistent colour scheme is also a good option!

Various methods were employed to create a architecture, home, house, interior design, loft, window, gray, white, furniture, cabinetry, Biji Architects, timber floor, skylights
Various methods were employed to create a light-filled renovated cottage.


Lighting in any home makes a large difference. There are numerous ways to increase and expand available natural light. Take advantage of windows and swap out heavy curtains for sheers or roller blinds. These can be open for most of the day to brighten your home.

Mirrors also provide the opportunity to spread and reflect natural light. Don’t forget about light globes – the light globe you choose is important and can help with overhead light. Warm white globes can complement natural light, and LED is perfect for darker properties. Ambient light, such as funky overhead statement pendants and table lamps not only increase light, but also create visual features around the home.

Add a bright colour to your window interior design, orange, room, vase, wall, wallpaper, yellow, white
Add a bright colour to your window frames to pick up on existing sunlight. A dash of sunshine yellow helps to enliven this window frame.


Swapping bronze or brown aluminium windows for black or white frames can increase a home’s appeal. Or, if it’s a period home, repainting the woodwork is a great option which can revive existing windows and create an authentic feel. If budget allows, bi-folds or French doors are a fab addition which increase circulation to outside zones as well as increasing natural light.

Being confined to a budget can be tricky, so where you can, try and complete tasks yourself. Painting your home and sprucing up the garden with nice plants, or French mulch can make a big difference. Painting concrete patios in charcoal or re-sanding weathered decks looks great and provides an instant uplift.

Maximising space is also key; consider flow and the placement of your furniture. Make use of every zone in your home and transform those empty areas to increase the function and value of your property!

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01 Apr, 2019

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