Steam cleaning tips to refresh your carpet

If ordinary vacuuming isn't quite cutting it, it might be time for a steam cleaning. Here are some steaming hot tips to help you refresh your carpet

Using a steam mop is great for refreshing your carpet, especially in areas with a high amount of foot traffic.

We recommend steam cleaning every six months, or whenever your carpet needs a revival.

Firstly, move any furniture out of the way. This will make your job easier and prevent you from damaging the furniture and other decor that’s around.

Before you steam clean, do a general vacuum to remove the top layer or dirt and dust.

This makes the steaming more effective, as the steamer will have better access to the deeper, more ingrained dirt.

It might not look like it, but there's carpet, floor, flooring, hardwood, laminate flooring, wood, gray, black
It might not look like it, but there's lots of dirt and dust hidden in your carpet. But not for long...

Adding a little bit of carpet spotter to your carpet before steam cleaning also improves effectiveness and aids stain removal.

Start from the far corner of the room, moving towards the doorway. Make straight, clean lines with the steam cleaner to guarantee you don’t miss any spots.

Photo by A1 Services floor, flooring, wood, white
Photo by A1 Services

Leave your freshly steamed carpet to fully dry for a few hours before moving your furniture back.

Repeat in all rooms where it’s necessary and soon your carpet will be looking good as new.

Story by: Loukas Tsitsiridakis

11 Oct, 2018

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