5 tips to keep your holiday home safe and sound

Considering renting your holiday home out through Airbnb? Here are a few ways you can ensure your property, you and your guests' belongings are secure

Holidays are a popular time for families and friends to travel and explore. As short-term and holiday rentals continue to rise in popularity across most of the country, guest and property security should be front of mind for holiday home owners.

For any homeowners new to renting their property on websites such as Airbnb, ensuring the property is safe and secure improves the user experience, while providing peace-of-mind to the owner.

Here are a few simple steps to help keep the property and guests’ belongings safe, improving the overall experience.

1) Lock smart – Install a smart key safe for guests to easily access the front door key. Using a smart key safe, such as Master Lock Bluetooth key safe, allows owners to provide easy access to guests via Bluetooth using a smartphone instead of using the same code for each guest.

2) Update neighbours – Inform surrounding properties of any guests staying. Neighbours can act as additional eyes and ears.

3) Stay safe - Provide a secure place for guests to store important documents, passports or money. Owners can also use a safe to store valuables if it’s a part time holiday and home. Sentry Safe units are water and fire resistant, providing the ultimate protection.

4) Restrict access - Using a smart key safe, owners can set-up access for guests just for the duration of the booking. This restricts guests from gaining access to any house keys before and after their stay, providing additional peace-of-mind for both the owner and renter.

5) Keep watch – Install security cameras outside the home to keep watch on the property if it’s vacant. Wireless cameras are easy to install, can be accessed remotely and motion detection notifications can be sent to a smartphone.

Taking steps to ensure the property is safe and secure allows guests to enjoy their holiday and gives owner’s peace-of-mind while strangers stay within their home.

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Story by: Master Lock

15 Apr, 2019

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