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A standard approach to kitchen design was not an option for this glamorous open-plan living area. Instead, an intricate bar sits front of house, with attractive and practical kitchen space tucked in behind. 

Interior spaces of this new modern, elegant home, reflect a European luxury – including the beautifully detailed kitchen sitting at the heart of the home.

A complete revamp of the entire space created a new functional layout suitable for cooking for a large family, while also being a social centre for working from home and for kids to do homework.

Designed to explore small-footprint living for higher-density suburbs, this compact kitchen makes carefully considered use of every available millimetre. 

Splitting the island into two sections helps this kitchen fulfil two distinct functions – one area becomes the functional work space, while the second is for socialising and entertaining.

Dark and moody wood oak veneer on the back wall contrasts with the lacquered island cabinetry in this apartment's living area that's flooded with natural light.

Originally separated into three pokey rooms, the 1990s-look kitchen in this home has been transformed into a beautifully detailed centrepiece with a modern Queenslander aesthetic. 

Part of an extensive renovation project to a designer's own home, this new kitchen is in a well-ventilated, light-filled room that connects to the surrounding garden.

Using similar materials throughout the kitchen and the rest of the house has created a consistency and harmony that had been lacking prior to renovation of this late 1970s home.

Central to the home's footprint, it was critical for this kitchen's colours and textures to be both the backdrop and the focal point to offset the sandblasted red brick of the original...

The kitchen in this major renovation makes much better use of the available space, creating a highly attractive and functional space where the family would spend most of their time, to eat, entert...

An innovative approach to resolving the claustrophobic effect of the existing low ceiling has given a sense of height and a unique look to this renovated kitchen.

A total revamp of a Melbourne apartment included increasing the kitchen's size by a third  – and the unusual feature of having an electric fireplace installed into the large, sculptural island.

Natural light floods this new kitchen via a row of skylights that align with the tall and low-level cabinetry, while an adjacent slot window gives oblique views to the street.

A core aspect of this kitchen’s plan was to minimise the need for movement when on task – from bringing in groceries, to meal preparation, to clean-up.

Designed to withstand the wear and tear of many guests, this kitchen provides casual seating that takes in the view, and has a subtle colour combination that reflects the natural setting.

With a style that's a contemporary spin on a traditional farmhouse, this kitchen was the starting point of a major home renovation that was then carried through to all the other areas of th...

Story by: Trendsideas

02 May, 2021

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