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Roofing types and what to look out for

There are many different roofing materials available, some more appropriate for particular environments and roof styles. Here's how to choose the right roof for you. See more

2018 Spring Interior Design Trends – Part 5: Fringe

Part 5 of our 2018 Spring Interior Design Trends. No longer restricted to the runway, fringe is popping up everywhere and can add a bespoke feel to your home

The ultimate outdoor entertainment guide

Are you a consummate entertainer? Entertaining outdoors comes with its share of difficulties, but with enough prep-work you can really wow your guests this spring and summer


Salice Wind Overhead Door Lift: Compact and Elegant

Running out of space in your kitchen? Here's one great way of improving storage capacity in your cabinets

5 reasons to buy an induction cooktop
If you’re buying appliances for a new or renovated kitchen, it makes sense to put an induction cooktop at the top of your list.
Clean-lined two-tone brown and white kitchen connects well with surroundings

This contemporary kitchen packs in a wealth of functionality but at the same time presents a strong, pared-back aesthetic


Safe, simple, and fun – bath time with kids

Getting the kids bathed and ready for bed can be fun – but after a long day, it can also feel like an exhausting challenge. If you have the right bathroom set-up, safety awareness, and some carefully chosen bath toys, it’ll be more fun and less effort for everyone involved.

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A touch of Italy

Designer Shane George aims for the look and feel of a luxury European hotel bathroom

Master suite with contrasting moods for bedroom and bathroom

While this bathroom has an open feel and plenty of natural light, the bedroom next to it has a more moody atmosphere

Trends Books

Volume 34 No 4
Discover great home, kitchen and bathroom design ideas in the latest issue of Trends.


2018 Spring Interior Design Trends Part 3: Go natural

Part 3 of our 2018 Spring Interior Design Trends. It's time to get back to nature – and you don't even have to leave your home. This trend takes inspiration from the outdoors and brings it inside

2018 Spring Interior Design Trends – Part 6: World traveler

Part 6 of our 2018 Spring Interior Design Trends. If you’re a frequent traveler with an overwhelming sense of wanderlust, this trend is perfect for you.

Give your home office some personality

Whether it’s the hub for a 40-hour working week for your business, a sometimes satellite office to keep you up to date, or a space to pay household bills and organise the family, a home office should offer a comfortable, practical space to get things done. So when it comes to design, creating an environment that ensures productivity is key.


5 ways to modernise your kitchen for sale or rent

Your kitchen affects your home's value more than you may have thought. Fortunately, some relatively minor changes can help thoroughly modernise your kitchen and fetch a higher asking price

2018 Spring Interior Design Trends Part 4: Moody colour palette

Part 4 of our 2018 Spring Interior Design Trends. A moody colour palette will make your home striking and dramatic. Time to embrace the dark side

Renovation and addition creates open, airy living zone at back of home

A traditional frontage with a tile roof and stained glass windows gives way to spacious, light-filled new entertaining spaces at the rear

New in Outdoor Living

Space saving suggestions for small outdoor places

Don't let lack of room stop you from getting the outdoor area that fits your needs. Here are some ways to make the most of your outdoor space

Why more Kiwis are choosing Swim Spas over conventional pools

Swim Spas boast many advantages over their traditional counterparts – from reduced running costs to year-round use. It's clear to see why New Zealanders are choosing to soak in the superior Swim Spa

Prepping your pool for summer

The weather's heating up, so you might be thinking about taking a dip. But first you need to get your pool sorted. We're here to remind you of all the necessary steps to rejuvenate your pool