Crowd pleaser

Guests can take their pick of places to relax around the pool at this lakeside home Read more

Rural retreat

With its inviting recliners, umbrellas and large, open fireplace, this poolside setting is a landscape for all seasons Read more

Show piece

This apartment's tranquil and refined atmosphere is achieved through a diverse range of materials, furniture and art Read more

Open house

This home can be opened up to the scenery or make the most of the view from a glassed courtyard Read more

Portrait of a gentleman

This distinctive apartment interior is resplendent with eclectic objects that express the owner's creativity and individuality Read more

Putting on the Ritz

A new opulence has been introduced to this private apartment in the Ritz-Carlton Towers, Boston Common. The major refurbishment includes extensive wood detailing and decorative ceiling treatments Read more

Open to view

Seamlessly merging the bedroom with the bathroom was the prime consideration when designing this master suite Read more

Pilgrim's progress

Designing a weekend house in an historic area requires an architect to think creatively within a restrictive building environment Read more

Time out

This home encapsulates the important elements of a typical vacation - sun, water and outdoor living Read more

Movie magic

Cinema technology is light years from its conception barely a century ago. That big screen experience can now be had from the comfort of your own home Read more

Sweeping vista

Magnificent views were the starting point when designing the opulent interior of this spacious penthouse apartment Read more

Walk on the wild side

Add life to your living space by installing carpets and rugs from the Out of Africa range, designed and manufactured by Glen Eden Read more





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