Outside the square

A free-flowing, open-plan aesthetic has optimised interior space in this penthouse apartment Read more

Sense of theatre

This large villa has a clear demarcation between lavish areas for entertaining and more intimate spaces for family life Read more

Look both ways

To maximise the sun and provide views in two directions, this house has a strong transparency and terraces at the front and the rear Read more

Moving through

This contemporary design contains open, connected spaces and an easy flow between indoors and out Read more

Cloud nine

With its light-filled, double-height living space, white walls and sculptural glass stairs, this penthouse has an ethereal quality Read more

Professional reach

High achievers tend to strive in all areas of life and aspire to the very best of everything. A Westpac relationship manager can help make it all possible Read more

Inside story

Significant upgrades to top-load washing machines by Fisher & Paykel may not have changed much cosmetically, but it's a different story on the inside Read more

Far pavilions

From the front to the rear of this property, the line between indoors and out, private and public, is blurred Read more

Part of the scenery

This house sits neatly on a limited footprint of dense, bush-clad land Read more

Made to order

Built in the style of a traditional Victorian-era Queenslander, this new house mixes classic and modern to create a contemporary lifestyle Read more

Well connected

With its soaring double-height glazing and wide openings, this new house has a close connection to the outdoors and the wider view beyond Read more

Clear sighted

In a coastal environment, this glass-fronted residence by Graeme Alexander Homes offers a comfortable, refined lifestyle Read more





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Home Trends 3402

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