Water sculpture

Positioned to maximise an ocean view, this freestanding spa bath functions as a piece of art as well as a place to relax and linger

The custom-made vanity is designed as a piece architecture, home, house, interior design, room, wall, window, brown, gray
The custom-made vanity is designed as a piece of furniture, with a seamless marble benchtop that slopes down to form the sink. Back-lit onyx panels suggest lanterns, while the timber cabinetry coceals the vanity's mirror, plumbing and storage space

It's easy to feel relaxed near the ocean. And when the waves are only a few metres away, it makes sense to strengthen the relationship between a master suite and the water beyond, says Scott Peabody of Planit Architects, who designed this project in conjunction with developer Bezzina.

"We've positioned the spa bath so that it's part of the master bedroom and an extension of the balcony," Peabody says. "You can enjoy the sea views and feel part of the environment, but you still feel that you're in a private suite."

Even the custom-made vanity and steam shower, with its clear glass panels, provide clear sight lines out to sea only the toilet is behind opaque glass.

The freestanding spa bath, designed by American architect Michael Graves, is a minimalist sphere that functions as a piece of sculpture, says Victor Lake, chief architect of development company Bezzina.

The clean lines of the freestanding spa bath bathtub, plumbing fixture, product design, tap, water, gray
The clean lines of the freestanding spa bath create a strong minimalist aesthetic, and complement yhe contemporary style of the rest of the apartment.

"It's the kind of spa you don't have to use to enjoy.

"The bath's shape is echoed by the soffit above. Although it is functional, hiding the alarm system and other necessities, the soffit also has a strong aesthetic role," says Peabody.

"The matching soffit identifies and positions the spa a concealed light behind creates a halo effect at night, especially when the other lights in the room are off."

In the same way, other items, such as the custom-built vanity unit, are both functional and sculptural.

The master bathroom and bedroom are intergrated in architecture, bathroom, ceiling, estate, interior design, room, orange
The master bathroom and bedroom are intergrated in this beach apartment, with furniture and facilities positioned to mazimise ocean views. The spa bath functions as a sculptural focal pointas well as a place to relax

"By incorporating onyx panels in the vanity, we've turned it into an feature in its own right," says Lake.

Natural materials in soft tones, including honed limestone flooring and polished marble, were specified to suggest a coastal palette.

"We set out to create a relaxed beach-house feel, coupled with sophisticated finishes for a sense of six-star luxury," says Peabody.

Credit list

Spa bath
Dreamscape by Hoesch, from Bathe
Marble from WK Marble
Honed limestone by Deemah from WK Marble & Granite
Interior designer
Scott Peabody and Tanya Zealey, Planit Architects
Vanity taps
Vola from De De Ce
Shower fittings
Vola from De De Ce

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22 Jun, 2007

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