Using Autonomous Driving technology, the travel suite serves as your personal vehicle and mobile hotel room

Is Aprilli Design's Autonomous Travel Suite the future of business travel? It's a new form of hospitality that merges transportation and hotel into one form

By Aprilli Design:

The Autonomous Travel Suite is a driver-less mobile suite which offers door to door transportation service within a compact suite-like environment. It offers sleeping, working and washing units letting travellers use their travel time more efficiently and productively. Using Autonomous driving technology, the travel suite brings you to multiple destinations working as your personal vehicle and mobile hotel room.

The travel suites are operated by the Autonomous Hotel Chain, which is a network of hotel facilities offering stationary parent units and public amenities which can be added separately depending on the travellers need. It provides public amenities such as Food and Beverage, Meeting rooms, Spa- pool & gym along with housekeeping, maintenance & charging services for the travel suites. 

Each facility can be booked individually per usage, meaning travellers can use any nearby Autonomous Hotel facilities such as gym, pool or meeting rooms along their way to their destination. The Autonomous Hotel also has unmanned service vehicles which can be dispatched to nearby Travel suites, providing fresh batteries or room services. The Autonomous Hotels provide parent units where individual Travel Suites can dock into, forming upscale integrated units.

Transpitality = Transportation + Hospitality

The Autonomous Travel Suite is a new form of hospitality merging transportation and hotel into one form, offering flexible travel schedules, lower costs, privacy and mostly comfort compared to flight or train travels. 

The driverless technology in a near future will set travellers free from the steering wheel, and the car can easily drive the passenger long distances and hours. The question would be then, how long can travellers accommodate themselves within a limited space and how can they productively use their travel time. 

The more functions and comfort the interior environment can provide, the more valuable the autonomous cars will be. This is the reason the concept of hospitality, providing comfort, entertainment and freedom to the long-distance travellers, will be important in the future. 

Autonomous Travel Suite is a specialised form that provides hospitality for long distance travellers, which differentiates itself from normal autonomous cars.

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17 Jun, 2019

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