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Innovative air conditioning system utilises water from nearby river

A view of the Milenium Arts Project. body of water, bridge, building, city, cityscape, condominium, dock, downtown, metropolis, metropolitan area, reflection, river, sky, skyline, skyscraper, tower block, urban area, water, waterway, black, white
A view of the Milenium Arts Project.

The control of temperatures within the Millennium Arts Project relies heavily on the Brisbane River that runs past it. Basic Construction Services was part of the team involved in developing and constructing an innovative cooling system that utilises water drawn from the river to cool the hot water created by the air conditioning plants in the buildings.

Cool water, drawn from the river via a culvert, is pumped through filters and heat exchangers in a river pump room, eliminating the need for cooling towers and associated chemical treatments. The cooled water from the air conditioning is recycled and the heated water is returned to the river to cool naturally.

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A view of some work by Basic Construction Services.

Basic Construction Services constructed the in-situ concrete base, supporting piles and pre-cast concrete culvert. This culvert draws the river water 90m back to the river pump room and heat exchangers. 55 metres of the culvert required deep excavation up to 7m below the groundwater level in acid sulphate soils across a busy construction site. The remaining 35m of this culvert are located under the river. For this section of the work, Basic built a coffer dam of sheet piles and a specially constructed temporary jetty to enable staff to undertake the sections of the works in the river, which were up to 8m deep.

Pedestrian and bicycle access on an existing walkway along the river bank was maintained with temporary bridging structures. Basic also had to take particular care to manage the acid sulphate soil and groundwater in an environmentally responsible manner.

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A view of some work doe by Basic Construction Services.

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Story by: Trendsideas

22 Dec, 2006