Spice Paragon restaurant and Khao-San Road bar feature Resene Black on walls and ceilings

Resene Black enhances the intimate atmosphere of this Christchurch restaurant and bar, and complements red beech timber furniture and flooring

The Spice Paragon Thai fusion restaurant and Khao-San bar, interior design, liquor store, restaurant, black
The Spice Paragon Thai fusion restaurant and Khao-San Road bar, designed by Callum Pankhurst of Crafted, feature a largely monochromatic palette with distressed red beech teamed with black steel. Resene Black features on walls and ceilings.

In the hospitality industry, atmosphere is everything it sets the mood, creates the right vibe, and reinforces branding.

Callum Pankhurst of Crafted, the designer of the Spice Paragon restaurant and Khao-San Road bar in the new building at 76-78 Victoria St, Christchurch, specified walls and ceilings painted in Resene Black to reinforce a raw, semi-industrial aesthetic.

Resene Black, described as an ebonised lamp black, creates a dramatic backdrop to the bar, and is a bold contrast to the distressed grade red beech furniture and floorboards. It also works well with the dark grey of the stone floor tiles and the steel furniture and screens.

Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen was the paint used for the project. This paint and Resene Zylone Sheen are both recommended for broadwall areas in both commercial and residential interiors.

The paints can be complemented by trims and joinery in Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel, and coloured ceilings in Resene SpaceCote Flat. These are all waterborne paints that are low-odour, low-VOC and Environmental Choice-approved.

Available in thousands of colours from the Resene Total Colour System, the paints are tinted using Resene non-VOC tinters.

For further information, or for the latest colour fandeck, visit a Resene ColorShop, or freephone 0800 Resene (737 363). Website: www.resene.co.nz

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08 Dec, 2014

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