Some concrete ideas for your interior

Concrete is the second-most-used substance in the world (after water) and the most favoured building material – here we celebrate its indoor application

1. Solid footing

Black steel framing, pitched panelled ceilings and polished concrete floors are offset by sage green walls in this bold, v-shaped, two-pavilion home.

Designed by David Reid Homes 

Photography by Wayne Hutchinson

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2. Bringing the outdoors in

Polished concrete render cladding on this home continues indoors as a rugged, textural wall finish – further contributing to the home's strong material character.

Designed by Fletcher Hawkins, R Architecture

Photography by: Axiom Photography & Design

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3. Enduring menu

Industrial chic is the name of the game with this rugged kitchen, featuring a cinder block wall to divide the scullery and kitchen and a concrete aggregate floor under foot.

Designed by Sarah Burrows, Sarah Burrows Design

Photography by Kellie Extance Photography

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4. In keeping

Retaining existing brick walls and internalising them in the addition gives this renovation a rustic/rugged aspect – a polished concrete slab with bluestone aggregate provides the perfect no-nonsense flooring complement.

Designed by Mitsuori Architects

Photography by Michael Kai

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5. Quiet character

This media room forms part of a home that heads underground to cool architectural spaces – concrete walls create a vibe and also dampen sound, so jet blasts from latest Top Gun movie aren't heard right through the home.

Designed by SPF:architects

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6. Bold ablutions

Custom black concrete forms the contemporary vanity and tub in this clean-lined, surprising bathroom – the floor is in tune, too, finished in Salt and Pepper aggregate concrete.

Designed by Williams Burton Leopardi for Desyn Homes

Photography by Fotovision

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7. Strong divide

Concrete slabs split the formal living and functional areas of this contemporary residence – fittingly, the entry to the home is approached via external floating concrete steps.

Designed by Jessop Architects

Photography by John Williams

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8. At one with the setting

Rugged materials were considered appropriate for this home set into a mountain slope – board-formed concrete walls, white oak shiplap cladding, and painted galvanised steel doors and windows all feature.

Designed by Abramson Architects

Photography by Roger Davies

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9. Hard-wearing but also warm

Contrasting and striking low maintenance materials were requested for the make-up of this home – as a bonus, the resulting concrete floor also facilitates an air to water in-slab heating system.

Designed by Studio 4 Architects

Photography by Dennis Radermacher

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18 Jun, 2023

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