Small beginnings grow into multi-award winning design company

With a career arc spanning the globe, today Natalie Du Bois’ own design company stands apart in terms of a plethora of industry awards and owners thrilled with her work

Natalie Du Bois, Du Bois Designer Kitchens &
Natalie Du Bois, Du Bois Designer Kitchens & Interiors

Natalie Du Bois’ career interests started early, very early. As a child in South Africa she often moved home and a wise Mum let her design her own room each time, something she loved.

As a young adult, Du Bois attended a private interior design school then a moved to London and worked for a high end design company based in Knightsbridge designed German kitchens Siematic and Rational as well as the company's own bespoke cabinetry brand Osborne and Hallatt.

It was also in London that Natalie Du Bois won her first design award, before moving to New Zealand in 2000.

Here, she worked for a couple of design companies and then opened her own business in 2007– now, Du Bois Designer Kitchens & Interiors.

With a laugh, Natalie Du Bois describes her design style as chameleon.

“I find the beauty in all genres of design, so struggle to follow one particular style with my projects. I like to understand my homeowners’ individuality and channel this information back into the ideas I present to them,” says Du Bois.

Elegant and timeless

“I asked a fellow designer friend what they thought my signature style was and they felt each of my projects has a certain timeless aesthetic about it – that each has an elegant nature, kitchens and interiors you can enjoy to spend time in.

“Most of my projects have a fair amount of time set aside for the juxtaposition of materials and textures that work well together – so nothing is overbearing or over the top while the design still manages to have an abundance of interest.”

Part of a thoughtful interior design project that
Part of a thoughtful interior design project that brings a sense of space, lightness and refinement. Natalie Du Bois: "Keeping the rooms uncluttered, using simple, classic products and materials has ensured a continuous flow and mood."

In terms of advice to prospective clients, Natalie Du Bois’ advice is to look at the big picture. This means taking into consideration adjacent rooms. For example, a kitchen that backs onto a laundry could end up being a much better space if the latter is considered at the same time.

And what does Du Bois think people should always invest in for their new kitchen? 

"Quality appliances, practical kitchen hardware and practical, hardy benchtops – it's definitely worth investing in a good designer with experience and qualifications to ensure you end up with the best end result. 

"Mistakes are costly to fix so a professional designer actually save you money."

To find out more and talk to Natalie Du Bois, contact Du Bois Designer Kitchens & Interiors

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05 Dec, 2021

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