Sliding doors

Gliding glass panels bisect this kitchen, providing delicate contrast to its palette of earthy materials

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plan view of the kitchen area

When designing an open-plan kitchen, it pays to consider how it will look from adjacent living areas. For example, dirty utensils or leftover food items on work surfaces can detract from the overall aesthetic.

For this kitchen, the owners wanted clean lines and an earthy mix of materials. The ability to keep the space looking clutter-free when entertaining was also important, says designer Leon House.

"The galley-style kitchen also had to incorporate multiple workspaces, plenty of storage and a satellite office," says House. "Introducing sliding glass doors across the centre of the kitchen, allowed for an easy division of work areas and provided contrast to the terrazzo floors, wood veneers and CaesarStone countertops. The frosted glazing also ensures the more mundane aspects of culinary life are easily concealed."

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view of the kitchen dining area showing terazzo flloring, stainless steel benchtops, splashbacks and stained cabinetry

The glass panels bisect the central countertop. They slide away past the benches on one side and out of sight between two banks of cabinetry at the other end of the kitchen.

Permitting plenty of light into the recesses of the kitchen, the glass partioning can be fully or partly retracted for different looks. Another glass door at the back of the kitchen conceals storage compartments, says the designer.

Stone surfaces and dark cabinetry veneers in the kitchen create a solid look which is offset by the translucent green glass. To further lighten the space, the kitchen island sits on mirror stainless steel legs. Reflected in the terrazzo floors, the feet seemingly become invisible and give the island the appearance of floating above the floor. Mirror stainless steel highlights the drawer fronts found under the rear bench cabinetry. Again, they recede into the background when not in use.

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view of the rear half kitchen dhowing glass splashbacks/ cabinetry, terazzo floors, and stone benchtops

"Lighting was another important aspect of the design," says House. "Recessed lighting is set into the ceiling trench where the glass panels slide across. When the screens are closed, this ambient light reflects down the surface of the panels to dramatic effect."

Credit list

David Hartree (Perth)
Stained Anergre
Ventilation and dishwasher
Kitchen manufacturer
Howard Savage
CaesarStone, stainless steel
Unique Metals

Story by: Trendsideas

18 Feb, 2005