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Relocating a kitchen's position before the new design begins offers a clean slate to work with. This relocated kitchen enjoys a central position and a showcase quality

Designed by Darren Genner, Minosa

From the designer:

Set in a cool city suburb, this kitchen was for a reconstructed terrace home only 10 years young. 

As the homeowners’ renovation work commenced, it unfortunately revealed a mediocre construction, with much non-compliant work and defects on every level.  

This led its new owners to gut the whole interior of the three floors and start afresh However the opportunity to play around with the floor plan led to an amazing final outcome, which oozed quality in every sense.

With this in mind, these structural challenges had to be addressed. As the building itself was narrow and long, we were faced with an odd layout. There was also a restricted amount of glazing. 

Other factors included an existing concrete slab, a steel beam that hindered design options, and lastly access was difficult and the rear entry to the home couldn’t be moved.

The list of asks for the new kitchen was fairly long. 

First off, this was to be a statement kitchen – a unique design. This was the third time we had designed for these owners and they wanted this one to be the best yet – a showcase!

Functionality was absolutely paramount as one of the owners loves to cook and this included a long appliance list. 

The kitchen also had to be a social place to entertain in and have a great connection to the outdoor entertainment area.

 Other things on the wish list included plenty of storage, a long dining table, a breakfast bench with stools and lastly clever hidden storage for small appliances – this had featured in their previous houses.

So expectations were set high.  

With two successfully completed kitchens with these homeowners, we knew what was expected and the level of quality they desired.  

However unforeseen site issues placed undue pressure to deliver a high quality, bespoke finish for fewer dollars.

The original kitchen was set centrally and in the narrowest part of the home on the ground floor.  It had felt cramped and lacked the flow that this family needed to live cohesively. It also blocked the ease of transition from front lounge to rear sitting and garage.

Minosa transformed the floor plan by relocating the kitchen to the rear of the building, thus giving it a control centre quality.  

It now oversaw the whole ground floor including courtyard.  The layout also had to take into consideration access to the garage, which the owners come in and out of every day, so this location made perfect sense. 

And this new location also allowed for ample storage.  The kitchen layout was set into a U shape with a central island and also a separate run of adjacent joinery which allowed the sink plumbing to be relocated easily without compromising the immovable concrete slab. 

We could now incorporate the long list of appliances required – two dishwashers, oven, steam oven, a zip water system, a large integrated French door refrigerator, an induction cooktop and a single gas burner.  

We chose to zone the areas – water, fire, appliances (or fridge, ovens and small appliances) and then prep and serving.

Overall, the finishes chosen were light and airy to ensure the space felt open, refined and considered in the design approach. 

Lime-washed oak was specified as the timber and veneer to complement the dining table, together with Dekton Sirocco grey benchtops. 

And a touch of colour – Lilac Hint (pink) – was introduced to lift and create a focal point within the space.

Black accents are seen in the accessories as well as in the taps, handles and sinks. Handmade warm white butcher tiles, befitting a terrace home, are used on the splashback, back panels and the rear wall.

The tiling is fastidiously laid out in full tiles (mm perfect) and cleverly conceals the large pivot door that leads to the garage.  Overall the space is balanced and oozes a bespoke feel. 

The design has allowed the space to open up and welcome family and guests into the home.  The surrounding glass doors open up and double the entertaining space as well as ventilate what was once a confined cramped ground floor. 

The owners’ comment of ‘this is the best one yet’ recognises a job well done – have to be happy about that!

Credit list

Kitchen design
Bi-Fold & Slide System
Cabinetry internal dividers
Ambia-line Blum Legrabox
Magma Schock, undermount
Undermount rangehood
Gas burner
Pitt Cooking, from Winning Appliances
Wall knife magnet
Juncher Design
Navurban New Age veneer; European Oak solid timber, whitewashed; Natural White and Lylic Pink paint finishes
Flapjack pull handle, from In-teria; push catch, Tip-on by Blum, from Lincoln Sentry
Cabinet Door Hinges
Blumotion by Blum
Gessi Just; Zip Hydro Tap
Induction cooktop
V-Zug, from Winning Appliances
Electric oven; steam oven
Downlight, Gineico; Mini Glo-Ball wall light, Euroluce
HIA Australian Kitchen Design

Story by: Trendsideas

22 Mar, 2020

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