Private or connected?

Enclosed, cosy and private, or perhaps spacious and open – or various degrees in between – here are some great bathroom designs that cater to the bashful and the bold 

1. Private outlook

This ensuite in a rural house extension looks on show, but only the trees are watching – in the event of a garden party, discreet privacy and sun-blocking blinds are at the ready.

Designed by Mark Callander, Creative Arch

Photography by Andi Chui

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2. Next level open?

Not shy with your partner, well how about your neighbours? This design makes the most of its verdant setting with walls of glass inviting the outdoors in. However all is not quite as on show as it seems with the steel window frames holding panes of one-way reflective glass.

Designed by Williams Burton Leopardi for Desyn Homes

Photography by Fotovision

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3. Open in a private space

With glass shower stall and tub on show, this master ensuite optimises a sense of spaciousness – looking through the shower stall to the far wall is a part of this – although this arrangement not best suited to the modestly inclined.

Designed byJennie Dunlop, Dunlop Design

Photography by Jamie Cobel

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4. Shower stall meets modesty wall

Best of both worlds here – the shower wall in this sculptural bathroom also provides privacy for the toilet – however, the curved design and skylight above means nothing feels boxed in.

Designed by Kyle McGregor, Lux Interiors

Photography by Michael Conroy

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5. Now you see me ...

With glass interior walls, this bathroom is internally visually connected – but it hedges its bets in terms of its presence as seen from the adjacent bedroom – pocket doors for both WIR and bathroom have a panel appearance and merge into the woodwork when closed.

Designed by Katie Scott, Sticks+Stones Design

Photography by Mark Scowen

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6. Style on show

Elegant glass doors glass provide a sense of separation for this refined ensuite, even though the bath is on view – more private functions are tucked out of sight.

Designed by Iris Lev, Il Design

Photography by Chris Warnes

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23 Oct, 2022

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