Opening the bathroom to the bedroom makes this entire suite seem lighter and more spacious.

Rich teak wood joinery provides an elegant, open connection between this master bedroom and its upmarket ensuite

Teak slats flank the open entry to this architecture, bed frame, bedroom, ceiling, floor, interior design, real estate, room, wall, wood, wood flooring, gray, brown
Teak slats flank the open entry to this master bathroom from the bedroom, an echo of similar joinery found throughout the home.

Privacy from surrounding spaces is essentialwhen considering an open connection between your bedroom and bathroom. However, with that factor addressed, the design rewards can be great.

This master suite forms part of a new home designed by architect Jullian Wilson and built by JSC Prestige Construction. But the owners, Kris and Cassie Johnson, designed the ensuite.

“The suite’s on the upper floor and with a number of corners to turn to enter it there are no direct sightlines into the bedroom or bathroom, so privacy was assured,” says Kris Johnson.

“There are few windows on the side of the home that would have brought natural light into the ensuite, so instead we opened the bathroom to the bedroom. This had the plus of making the entire suite seem lighter and more spacious.”

Teak slats flank both sides of the entry to the bathroom. The wood connects with other similar joinery through the home and also the French oak floors, which were stained for a classic feel.

Tub, floor-standing pourer, marble vanity and vanity plumbing architecture, bathroom, interior design, plumbing fixture, room, sink, gray
Tub, floor-standing pourer, marble vanity and vanity plumbing are all in line in this ensuite design – as is the shower stall directly behind the vanity, which effectively disappears when the ensuite is viewed from the bedroom.

Straight ahead in the ensuite, a classic double sink is set against a substantial slab of Calacatta marble. This is matched with a series of four mirror cabinets above which reflect the joinery-clad entranceway and again add to the sense of overall spaciousness. Situated between the sinks and mirrors a recessed niche in the luxury stone provides a casual utility shelf.

The double shower stall is in exactly the same proportions as the vanity wall and is directly behind it – so is all-but hidden from view. A toilet cubicle is to one side of the ensuite.

“The other feature of the design is the round soaking tub which is also in direct alignment with the double vanity and the shower stall.”

Credit list

Jullian Wilson
Bathroom designer
Cassandra Johnson, CVJ Design
Cabinet company
Duravit, from Innode
Soaking tub, from Innode
Shower fittings
Sussex and Nobili
Bright Green
Kris and Cassie Johnson
Kris Johnson, JSC Prestige Construction
Vanity countertop
Calacatta marble
Tub filler
French oak, stained
Wall tiles
Ariston Marble
Somfy, from Cuchi

Story by: Charles Moxham

Photography by: Jacinta Harry

17 Jul, 2018

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