Few sporting arenas command the affection of fans like the MCG now redeveloped in time for the Commonwealth Games

PC based user interface screen page for MCG area, font, line, software, text, blue
PC based user interface screen page for MCG Stadium lighting, security and communications systems.

Trying to imagine the electronic networks required for a 100,000 seat stadium is nearly impossible. From the huge lighting towers that illuminate the ground, through to the last television point, designing and implementing solutions for the MCG was a three-and-a-half year project for Downer Engineering.

Downer's solutions included the complete design coordination and installation of the various lighting, power reticulation, distribution, communications and security systems, says project manager Karoy Balazs.

"The electrical and communications packages included five new main switchboards, standby generators, more than 300 distribution switchboards, main and sub-main cabling reticulation, as well as general-purpose, special and feature lighting," he says.

All main switchboards, generators and tower lighting systems are connected to a Programmable Control and Monitoring System (PCMS), which continuously monitors inputs and set points for correct operation. To provide a seamless backup in case of a partial or full power outage, Downer installed a dual-redundant fibre loop around the ground, which maintains system integrity.

View of indoor cricket practice nets with strong architecture, ceiling, daylighting, daytime, light, lighting, sky, structure, symmetry, gray
View of indoor cricket practice nets with strong lighting.

Pitch lighting was also upgraded during redevelopment to meet uniform colour and illumination levels on field. Controls were rewired to the 75m high, 11,000kV towers with 780 lights between them. To supplement the tower lights, additional lights were mounted on catwalks on the underside of the podium canopy.

For ease of lighting control, Downer designed a tailor-made C-Bus system.

"This allows pinpoint control of all lighting, including bars, restaurants and adjoining public areas. It's a PC-based interactive system, with graphical representations of all areas," says Balazs.

Other specialist services provided by the company include a complete structured cabling system, security system, master antenna television (MATV) and CCTV.

View of bar area with varied lighting, timber interior design, black, gray
View of bar area with varied lighting, timber flooring and computer system.

During the project, Downer was called upon to install 700 televisions in the MCG's many bars and restaurants. It also completed a broadcast cabling system installation, a fibre link between the east and west scoreboards and a UPS power supply installation to each scoreboard.

For more details, contact Downer Engineering, phone (03) 9644 9100, fax (03) 9645 3100, or visit: www.downeredi.com.au.

Story by: Trendsideas

24 Mar, 2006