A new generation of design flooring bringing together the outstanding characteristics from the worlds of laminate and vinyl design. NEO by Classen is waterproof and extremely robust, PVC and Plasticiser free, is ecological and recyclable.

“Neo by Classen” introduces a new generation of flooring: A natural design floor covering, which, for the first time, completely does without vinyl. Therefore, it is also free of harmful plasticizers — so-called phthalates — and chlorine. “Neo by Classen” is water-resistant, fully recyclable and reusable due to its bio material substrates, and 100% made in Germany — from development to production. A Floor for Laying in All Residential and Business Premises “Neo by Classen” showcases its unique product qualities in every room of your home: Water-resistant in the bath, shower and other wet areas, hygienic and contaminant-free in the nursery and sleeping quarters, highly-resilient and durable in hallways, kitchens or (home) offices. Thanks to its attractive digital décor and structure surface, this floor also looks particularly prestigious in the living room or visitor rooms. Neo by Classen stone_15 “Neo by Classen” combines the advantages of laminate floorings with those of vinyl design floor coverings; it notably possesses its absolutely first-rate step and sound characteristics. Furthermore, the floor covering has a structural height of only 4.5 millimetres, can be cut to size with a conventional carpet cutter, and, thanks to its unusually low weight per square metre, it ranks among the lightweight among clickable floor coverings. In addition to these characteristics, which are ideal for renovation, “Neo by Classen” is highly resilient, temperature-resistant and it maintains its shape. “Neo by Classen” — A True All-In-One Floor A product development employee explains: “From a qualitative point of view, our new floor covering is unique with respect to design and characteristics, as well as in terms of technology, design and function. The floor covering is made of a wood-based biological material, in which natural fibres and food safe polypropylene are combined into a highly-stable substrate plate. We have not needed to use any additional additives such as plasticizer or chlorine for manufacturing. Nothing that outgasses into the home environment or that affects health in any way, shape or form.”

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31 May, 2018

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