OK, so you’ve done your best with your beautiful front garden and attractive street-facing cladding – now it’s your entry space’s turn to wow your guests. Here are 10 ways to make your entry space look more dramatic, upmarket and welcoming

1. Upon reflection – mirrors

Mirrors are a fabulous interior design ally and nowhere is this more true than in your entranceway. The right mirror will add a sense of luxury and make the space seem a lot bigger. 

Also you want guests to feel good right from entering your home and a reassuring mirror to check their tie, or makeup etc is just one small way to put them at their ease. Don’t skimp on this all-important feature.

2. Address your lighting

Nothing lifts your entryway décor like a great choice of lighting. And a dripping chandelier or other statement pendant is a brilliant head start. 

If your entrance is long then one pendant per every 2.5m is a quick rule of thumb. And if your entry is long, place lights towards the ends of the space to highlight its length. A height of around 2.4m from the ground is an approximate hanging guide.

Then there are areas that you may want to highlight specifically. 

Sconces set to the sides of a mirror brighten the reflection and essentially add task lighting for your guest’s quick no-spinach-on-teeth check. The height of the sconce should be around eye level, preventing unflattering shadows.

In addition, this kind of mood lighting can be introduced to highlight architectural features or artworks.

However, to add focus to a hall table, a table lamp is an ideal solution.

Whatever lighting you choose, try if possible to place it on a dimmer switch – putting mood change at your fingertips – be it from a wall switch or an app on your mobile phone. 

3. Console table – a landing space is a given

Part of what makes any area of the home work well is its attention function as well as looks – and this is equally true for your entryway.

A slender console or hall table is a must in this regard, as long as you have the room. A hall table provides a place to put your mail and keys, or anything your guest need to unburden themselves off when they arrive. 

A hall table also provides a convenient place to tuck shoes under!

If you have the space, a dresser instead of a console table provides a good landing space and comes with the additional appealing feature of growing your storage options.

As these pieces often stand alone in the space they provide opportunity for a one-off décor splash. Think bright, funky or off beat.

4. Seating – a bench seat or small chair offers a practical welcome

However, if the size of your space will support it, a bench seat allows a guest to sit and take off their shoes or even just catch their breath. A magazine rack set alongside makes this even more of an inviting space.

5. Flooring has a major impact

When it come to flooring for your entrance you are spoilt for choice. A long hall or entrance way is accentuated by timber floorboards for example, while porcelain tiles provide a hard-wearing alternative. Or you can combine these elements – wood-look plank tiles are fast growing in popularity, offering great looks and longevity.

Slate tiles are also popular as are other upmarket natural stone tile options.

And while there are myriad character tiles to choose from, vinyls today also offer some arresting designer options.

6. Mats or runners

Another flooring option is an entrance hall mat or runner can bring a splash of colour and/or pattern to your space. If your flooring is fairly plain, a patterned rug is a good option, while if you have a busier, say tiled, floor surface then a simple rug is a better response.

A distance of around 25cm is ideal between rug and wall, while if you have a long hallway, your rug or runner should match the length of this space.

7. Wall surfaces are another way to express your personality

There are two quite different ways to go here. A pale wall tone allows for increased drama in the interiors to come, while on the other hand a strong statement finish naturally provides for a character entranceway. 

A classic patterned wallpaper is one option, while a half-tiled wall is another – combining impact with durability, always an asset in this much used through space.

For a truly upmarket feel, wall panelling really sets the scene.

If you choose paint, try to introduce accent colour elements elsewhere in the interior that link back to this initial splash.

8. Flowers and plants

While the scent of fresh coffee is a famous prompt for house sellers, the scent of freshly cut flowers in your entry space is simply a very pleasing welcome. While lacking the scent factor, silk flowers offer an eye-catching alternative.

However, greenery of any kind will make your entry feel a more homely, healthy space.

9. Artworks

Some might say an entry hall or entry space is an art gallery waiting to happen. The right piece or pieces will add elegance and possibly provide an early hint as to your good taste interiors to come. Options include a single statement piece or a grouping of smaller artworks/photos/mirrors.

10. Practical additions – hooks and shelves

Expressing yourself right from the front entrance to your home isn’t limited to finishes and artworks. Shelving lets you display your favourite books/objets etc. As well as providing visual interest for guests, these personally loved elements will you pleasure every time you return home.

And let’s not forget the humble coat hook – the right choice can be down right fashionable while their practical advantage is self evident.

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11 Oct, 2020

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