This narrow terrace house allows a view from the front door right through to the rear courtyard

Exterior view of a bathroom which features glass door, home, interior design, lighting, window, window covering, blue
Exterior view of a bathroom which features glass louvres.

Often a bathtub will become the focal point of a bathroom, but the designer of this terraced house has taken the idea a step further. By dropping the tub to floor level, interior designer Greg Natale has allowed a direct view right through the heart and length of the narrow, open-plan residence.

Natale says the owners had requested the refit include a profusion of glass and light, with the actual composition left to the designer.

"Retaining a connection throughout the home was central to this project," says Natale. "This included creating a dramatic sight line from the living spaces at the front of the residence right through to the bathroom at the back, and even to the courtyard beyond. This allowed a sense of natural light and openness to pervade the entire interior."

view of the walkway that extends from the architecture, daylighting, house, interior design, lobby, window, wood, brown
view of the walkway that extends from the kitchen beyond the bathroom to the courtyard

Natale says the sunken tub became a quiet feature of the space, contributing to the room's minimalist, almost box-like feel.

The rear and exterior side walls of the bathroom feature floor-to-ceiling glass shutters, allowing the view to extend out to the courtyard, and heightening the home's appearance of spaciousness. The bathroom's other walls, and floor, are in travertine marble. This is laid in a conventional pattern on the floor, and in an individualistic configuration on the walls. The courtyard wall and paving has travertine in the same unusual patterning, effectively doubling the apparent size of the bathroom.

The uniform use of marble and glass, the sunken tub, and the recessed shelving all add to the bathroom's pared-back feel.

view of the bathroom featuring glass louvres, timber bathroom, floor, flooring, room, wood, brown
view of the bathroom featuring glass louvres, timber veneer cladding,recessed bath, stainless faucets/taps, cantilevered basin

A floor-to-ceiling bathroom door also furthers this impression and maximises light penetration into the home.

"However, effective minim-alist design is also about careful detailing," Natale says. "For example, the tub pourer creates a miniature waterfall, and the delicate light fittings are European Swarovski crystal."

Credit list

Greg Natale, Greg Natale Interior Design (Sydney, NSW)
Bathroom vanity and bath
Villeroy & Boch
Ciolino Constructions
JSB, Reflections 80 from ECC Lighting and Living
Basin and tapware
Bathroom flooring and walls
Striato travertine from RMS

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