Kitchen in modern new home with Tasmanian blackwood cabinets and Smeg appliances

Glen Johns kitchen in contemporary home designed by Michael Mansvelt, features Smeg ovens, gas cooktops, pull-out wood dining table

All the furniture pieces in this modern house apartment, ceiling, estate, house, interior design, living room, penthouse apartment, property, real estate, gray
All the furniture pieces in this modern house were chosen for their low profiles, to avoid interrupting the view. The design is by Michael Mansvelt.

Serendipity often plays a role when you are planning a new home. In this case, the owner, David Ayling, happened upon an eye-catching display kitchen in the Kitchens by Glen Johns showroom in New Plymouth.

As it happened, the kitchen was ready to be sold, and it was a perfect fit for David's new cliff-top house high above the city, which was designed by Michael Mansvelt of Plantation Design House.

"The kitchen was simple, yet very contemporary and streamlined," Ayling says. "It fitted with the clean lines of the rest of the house, and I loved the bank of wood cabinetry in Tasmanian blackwood, and the long island. There is a bar tucked away in the far end of the cabinets, pantry storage and an integrated refrigerator-freezer. We have used similar timber in other areas of the house for visual continuity."

But the piéce de resistance is the three companion ovens from Smeg that reinforce the highly contemporary look. The ovens were specified by Glen Johns for their sleek looks and high functionality.

"I also think Smeg fits the look," says Ayling. "I didn't want anything that would date within a few years these ovens will go the distance."

Timber cabinets conceal storage, a bar and fridge-freezer. architecture, countertop, floor, house, interior design, kitchen, gray, white
Timber cabinets conceal storage, a bar and fridge-freezer. They also accommodate the two Smeg SC45MC2 45cm ovens and matching Smeg SCA45VC2 combination steam oven.

The ovens include two Smeg Linea 45cm microwave convection ovens and a Linea combination steam oven that can steam food.

"The ovens may look small, but they have generous interiors and can still accommodate a turkey and because there are two, there is always plenty of space for cooking."

There is a tray concealed in the cabinetry directly beneath each oven. These can be pulled to create a landing point for hot dishes, so they don't have to be put on the island.

The kitchen also offers three matching 30cm gas cooktops on the island. These cooktops offer a mix of fast burners, simmer burners and a wok burner.

A Smeg dishwasher is fully integrated into the island, where it can quietly and inconspicuously wash the dishes after dinner. The controls are recessed and fully out of sight when the machine is closed.

Two PGF31G 30cm Smeg gas cooktops and one architecture, cabinetry, countertop, interior design, kitchen, real estate, red, gray
Two PGF31G 30cm Smeg gas cooktops and one PGF32G gas cooktop cater to all requirements, from simmering to wok cooking. The island also features an integrated Smeg DWAFI315T dishwasher.

The dishwasher offers the orbital wash technology that is patented to Smeg and common to all the company's dishwashers. And it's quiet enough to have it on in the background without it interfering with dinner party conversation.

A Smeg CK2000ASCHC power pack is installed out of sight in a custom hood. This removes steam and odours quickly and efficiently.

For more information on the Smeg appliance collection, visit: www.smeg.co.nz

Credit list

House, pool and spa builder
RAB Building Contractors
Salt and Pepper concrete
Paints and varnishes
Doors, windows, louvres
Nulook New Plymouth
Heating system
Diesel underfloor; water and pool heating by Garner Holdings New Plymouth
Fisher & Paykel
Kitchen designer and manufacturer
Kitchens by Glen Johns
Halcyon Lighting; Herbert Electrical Inglewood
Door and window hardware
Kitchen cabinetry
Tasmanian blackwood
Oven, cooktop, microwave, dishwasher

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