Joyful character – when colour is key

Inspiration is where you find it and the fit-out of this fun, edgy bar benefits from tile choices from The Tile Depot that would also look great at your venue

Designed by Urban Detail

Tiles from The Tile Depot

Mogly Bar – great food, lively entertainment and playful tilework

The popular Mogly Bar and Eatery recently opened in Ormiston Town Centre, Auckland – a hospitality venue that not only offers great food, beverages, and entertainment but which has a vibrant interior that reflects the fun and enjoyment on offer.

When the collaborative design and build team of Project Floors and Urban Detail went about creating the Mogly Bar interior, they knew it was important to capture the intended character and vibe of the venue with the interior design and fit out.  

It needed to be dynamic, colourful, stylish and fun – and that is exactly what they have created.

When it came to adding some serious pops of colour and a sense of playfulness to the restroom facilities, they found the perfect tile selections in the Casablanca range from The Tile Depot. 

The Casablanca collection is a bright range of ten colourful subway tiles, each with a high gloss finish, undulating surface and a mixture of shades randomly supplied in each colourway. 

It’s a playful collection that offers joyful hues, reflective surfaces and loads of character. 

Three of the colourways were selected for the men’s, women’s, and gender-neutral, wheelchair accessible bathrooms. 

This allowed cohesiveness between the spaces with the use of the same tile design and key bathroom elements, while giving each restroom its own identity through changing up the tile colour.

Ladies restroom – hip and welcoming

Pink is an important colour at The Mogly Bar – a super playful colour that features throughout the bar’s interior through lighting, feature walls, seating, and numerous other elements. 

It also features prominently in their marketing and social media. 

So, when it came to selecting tiles, the Mogly Pink shades evident in the Casablanca Pink tiles made it an easy choice for the ladies’ restroom. 

Tiled floor to ceiling in a horizontal running bond pattern from the dual mens and womens restroom entrance, the Casablanca Pink hallway directs clients throughout all shared areas of the ladies restroom – creating a hip and welcoming atmosphere.

Behind the main vanity, white penny round mosaics have been used to add contrast and texture.  

Each private cubicle is lined with Casablanca White and more penny round mosaics. 

The overall effect is a fresh, clean, and trend-setting space oozing with character. 

Combined with the standout golden basins and tapware, black marble vanity tops and wooden cabinetry, the ladies bathroom is a vibrant and dynamic space.

Mens restroom – refreshing and relaxed

The men’s restroom replicates the elements in the ladies but is given its own identity through the use of the Casablanca Mint tiles, a cool, calming, soft seafoam colour that is refreshing and relaxed. Identical vanity and tapware designs to the womens restroom have been used here to give the mens restroom the same funky, retro vibe.

The individual cubicles are again adorned in the Casablanca White, which is also used in the gender-neutral wheelchair accessible bathroom. 

The extensive use of tiles throughout these areas has created some 'effortlessly cool' bathroom spaces where hard-wearing, long-lasting performance is vital.

Main bar and eatery – timeless and edgy

In the main bar and eatery, further tiles from The Tile Depot were utilised. 

Hardwearing porcelain hexagonal tiles, Beton Axis Grey Hexagona, were used on the floor immediately around the bar, and the tabletops in the alfresco areas were tiled with Mosaix Hexagonal White Matt tiles. 

Hexagonal tiles offer a timeless edginess and their geometric texture is a great contrast to the other materials in the space.

Colourful character

Selecting colourful and character rich tiles has ensured the vibrancy of the eatery has extended from the main bar and eatery area into the restrooms. 

An overwhelming sense of playfulness and fun permeates all areas and in doing so taken the Mogly Bar and Eatery from being not just another hospitality venue, but a destination for a good time in contemporary stylish surroundings.

Hardwearing porcelain hexagonal tiles, Beton Axis Grey Hexagona,
Hardwearing porcelain hexagonal tiles, Beton Axis Grey Hexagona, were used on the floor immediately around the bar.

Credit list

Mogly Bar, Ormiston Town Centre, Auckland
Project Floors
Restroom tiles – women
Casablanca Pink (58x242mm); Mosaix Penny Round Snow (290x294mm)
Bar floor
Beton Axis Grey Hexagona White/Grey – deleted line
Urban Detail
CMP Interiors
Restroom tiles – mens
Casablanaca Mint (58x242mm); Mosaic Penny Round Snow (290x294mm)
Gender neutral wheelchair access restroom and individual cubicles for all bathrooms
Casablanca White (58x242mm)
Mosaix Hexagonal White Matt (23mm) 260x300mm

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Jamie Cobel

18 Dec, 2022

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