Jewelled tones

The organic styling of Art Nouveau as it evolved into Art Deco lines is expressed in this colourful bathroom environment

this master suite by architect kathryn Quinn and bathroom, cabinetry, flooring, interior design, room, red, black
this master suite by architect kathryn Quinn and designer Jean Alan blurs the line between art Nouveau and Art Deco. the freestanding vanites were designed by Quinn

Materials and colours can provide linking motifs between otherwise disparate styles. For example, Art Deco offered a clean-lined, modernist contrast to the ornate Art Nouveau movement that preceded it. Marrying the two styles in one environment might seem tricky, but with linking themes of lustrous colour and rich materials, the two can merge seamlessly.

This was the outcome when architect Kathryn Quinn and interior designer Jean Alan created this master bathroom.

Quinn says the starting point for the design was the room's centrepiece a large freestanding copper bath.

"This inspired two custom vanities we designed, featuring copper basins, satin nickel fittings, and mahogany cabinetry," says Quinn. "The vanities' darkmahogany matches the material opulence of the copper bath and copper basins."

view of the master bedroom featuring a murano bedroom, ceiling, home, interior design, real estate, room, gray
view of the master bedroom featuring a murano mirror, a standing lamp and firescreen. the walls are upholstered in silk

While the bath, basins and antique carpet runner support an Art Nouveau feel, the upper curves of the vanities signal a crossover, or fusion with Art Deco's more formal curves and linear profiles.

Interior designer Jean Alan says the lustrous tones and materials act as linking points between the two periods.

"Perhaps the most vibrant use of colour is in the wall tiles," says Alan. "These handmade, Art Deco-style tiles have an iridescent sheen and metallic overlay that give the room a jewelled, ornate air."

To add to the feel of a luxurious, pampering environment, the custom vanities, bath, a custom upholstered chair and French Art Deco ornamental table all contribute to a sense of a furnished living room, rather than a utilitarian bathroom. The Art Nouveau carpet runner adds to this impression.

the interior design created a living room like floor, flooring, home, interior design, living room, real estate, room, wall, window, black
the interior design created a living room like ambience with an upholstered club chair, an antique art Nouvea carpet runner,, and a french art deco carved table. and on the the floor etched glass tiles

"Designing freestanding vanities also avoided the look of a single long stretch of utilitarian countertop," Quinn says. "Instead, there are his and her dressers and another double dresser separating the vanities. Similarly, our choice of individual mirrors avoids the need for a single, long stretch of boring, uninterrupted glass."

The copper bath and freestanding vanities set the scene for a bathroom that sees aesthetics take centre stage without compromising utility. The bevelled mirrors, for example, conceal roomy medicine cabinets.

"Even the Art Deco wall sconces and custom nickel door pulls contribute to the rich material aesthetic," says Alan.

Credit list

Interior designer
Jean Alan
Victorian Style in copper
Custom designed in mahogany by Kathryn Quinn Architects
Shower enclosure
Vintage Style in brushed nickel
Fire & Earth tiles in a 3in x 6in vertical chequerboard pattern; Tres Feltman custom wall trim tiles in gunmetal metallic
Main contractor
Fraser Construction
Vanity and basin
Custom vanity in copper by Kathryn Quinn Architects
Shower fittings
Michael Smith Collection by Kallista
Metropol glass tile, 4in x 4in North Sea sanded
Antique French wall sconce; Antique French chandelier

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20 Jun, 2006

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