The Intercontinental Hotel in LA

When Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems approached Glasshape about the hotel’s Grand Entrance Staircase, a solution of ambience was quickly arrived at. With the design conceived as a slight sweeping staircase, starting as an exterior rise, transforming into an interior elevation, the concept quickly became a reality.

The brand new Intercontinental Hotel Downtown Los Angeles had its Grand Opening on the 23rd of June 2017 and opened its doors to guests on the 2nd of July 2017, welcoming the tower now as the highest on the Los Angeles skyline after a swift 41-month build program.

Of course, a tower that is graced with such title, and presented in such eloquence… only the finest design and products were specified to ensure a welcome stay for guests awaiting their LA vacation!

Using CRL’s Base Shoe System side fixed to a steel stair clad with pavers, a solid Bent Glass rail system was required to both provide the ultimate strength while remaining a clear safety barrier. ¾” Bent TemperShield® Starphire Glass was selected to deliver to the client’s aesthetic desires.

Watch here the 3D CAD Model

Story by: Glasshape Ltd

Photography by: Glasshape

02 Jun, 2019

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