How renovating your bedroom could improve your wellness

Feeling under the weather? A change of scenery could help, and you can manage that at home. Here’s how updating your bedroom could lift your spirits

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Read this Mid-century modern home story here

Story by Laura May:

Wellness has become a huge industry, and for good reason – we all want to be the best and healthiest versions of ourselves. In pursuit of this, we’ll take any help we can get in our efforts to be stronger and fitter, whether it comes in the form of gym routines, dietary supplements, or meditation exercises.

Something else to consider in your quest for health, though, is the impact of your surroundings.

In fact, one of the best things you can do for your wellness is renovate your bedroom and here are some reasons why.

It could significantly improve your sleep quality

So many of us don’t get enough sleep these days, and there are various reasons why.

Use of electronic devices keeps us distracted until late, stress about everything wrong with the world leaves our thoughts racing when we should be resting, and the restrictions of life during a pandemic lead us to make bad decisions that compound when the evening arrives.

Overhauling your bedroom could significantlyimprove how you sleep.

Beds are obviously critical – the bed you choose can impact so much about how you sleep, so consider investing in a new mattress.

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See more of this renovation story here

Lighting is another key concern. Dial back the illumination and put down the electronic devices at least an hour before you intend to be sleeping.

Your objective should be to make your bedroom as comfortable and convenient as possible so you don’t instinctively avoid it.

Even something as simple as clearing the floor can help with this, so think about what a full renovation could achieve.

A redesign could help you feel better

Do you like how your bedroom looks?

Beyond that, how does your bedroom make you feel?

You might think that liking the look of your bedroom would make it a fitting haven, but that isn’t the case.

It’s entirely possible to have a bedroom that looks great but doesn’t actually fit with the core purpose of a bedroom (which is surely to keep you safe and rested).

If you originally went with a vibrant colour for your bedroom, think carefully about how that colour makes you feel.

Does it get you energised?

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See more of this master suite here

If so, that’s great for when you’re getting up in the morning, but it isn’t great for when you’re trying to sleep.

It also isn’t great for accommodating you when you’re upset or worried about something and just want to decompress.

It’s also possible to have a health issue that requires some bedroom adjustments.

Maybe you’re highly sensitive to light or noise.

If so, the addition of blackout blinds and sound-absorbing panels could massively improve your comfort.

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See more of this master suite renovation here

The project could give you motivation

Lastly, it’s important to consider how exciting it can be to renovate even just a part of your home.

Thinking about what you’d like to do can inject some much-needed intrigue into your day.

It can also spark your creativity concerning the rest of your house.

What room could you renovate next? What long-term goals could you form for the place?

Even if you don’t ultimately do any of the practical work yourself, the ideation process alone could leave you feeling refreshed and motivated again.

And if you do get involved practically to some extent, that’s better still.

Just a small amount of DIY can help you feel that you have control over your environment — and it’s a great feeling.

If you want to improve your health and your energy level, then, renovating your bedroom could actually make a big difference. So why not give it a shot?

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Story by: Laura May

05 Dec, 2021

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