Green? Check. Eco fabrics from Warwick Fabrics

Recycled polyester from Warwick Fabrics

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Unique fabric design.

Sustainable design alternatives are at the forefront of many new product launches, and now you can choose the eco-friendly option for your furnishings.

Warwick Fabrics has announced the release of the Encore range of high-performance fabrics featuring a mix of acrylic and recycled polyester. Managing director Martin Irvine says the collection acknowledges the growing consumer and industry demand for new products that are environmentally considerate.

"Sustainable design initiatives are becoming the norm rather than the exception for architects and designers, and now we are seeing exciting new products for home interiors."

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Irvine says Retrospect is the first offering in the Encore range.

"These fabrics are Australian made and incorporate no less than 40% recycled yarn produced from recycled plastic bottles no fewer than four plastic bottles have gone into the manufacture of each metre of fabric."

Irvine says the Encore range, which offers more than 120 fabrics, underwent extensive quality testing and meets international standards. The fabrics are Halo rated for high performance and easy cleaning, and have a Heavy Commercial upholstery rating.

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Open living area with unique fabrics.

Warwick Fabrics has also released another Australian-made eco-friendly collection the Beehive range of screen fabrics. The Beehive design is made from 100% recycled polyester, and the Speckle and Tangle designs feature a 70% recycled component.

Warwick Fabrics has showrooms in three cities Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. For more details, phone 0800 922 0000 or (09) 477 3080. Email: Or visit the website:

Sep 23, 2012
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