Cool, clear water (you can even drink it)

So you’re introducing a backyard pool for fun and a healthy family lifestyle – with Cascade Pools, that means the water you swim and play in is healthy too

Buying a Cascade Pool holds many advantages for homeowners – from Cascade’s highly professional and friendly install team to quick installation times and decades-long performance.

Another area where choosing a Cascade Pool makes for a world of difference is in terms of the health and upkeep of your pool water.

Clean water – healthy swimmers and a healthy planet

Cascade cares fundamentally about its customers – and the planet.

That’s why the established pool designer and installer employs a cutting edge Chlorine-free fresh water with Activated Oxygen sterilisation system – the same process that in most areas sterilises your drinking water these days.

The advanced, natural cleaning system all but eliminates pool chemical requirements – meaning your pool water is so soft, safe and pure that you can actually drink it!

For pool owners this means knowing your family is in a safe environment while they play on hot summer days.

Prozone – how the planet- and child-friendly system works

Prozone products create ozone for your pool – a better way of managing the health of your water. Ozone is produced in a special cartridge which is attached to the water circulation system in your pool. It helps to kill bacteria and germs in the water including cryptosporidium and giardia.

The ozone system has the added benefit of drastically reducing the amount of chlorine needed in your pool water. Cascade Swimming Pools pools need around 95% less chlorine than other pools.

No more stinging eyes and no chemical Chlorine smell

For your children and guests it translates into no more ‘stinging’ eyes - and no 'chemical Chlorine smell’ - ever!

There is also the added bonus of saving money on pool maintenance costs. 

These savings, coupled with Cascade Pool’s ‘Free Solar Heated’ swimming, recycled Infillfoam insulation, and Suntrap solar bubble cover gives customers the warm, healthiest and cheapest-to-heat swimming pool possible.

Some of our pools even come with work-all-hours maintenance staff

The amazing little Dolphin automatic pool crawler will keep pool cleaning upkeep to a minimum. Self powered, it doesn’t affect pool water circulation like some cheaper quality pool sweeps. Supplied with every Prestige pool by Cascade

You will never regret your custom Cascade Pool purchase, neither will your children, or their children for that matter.

Wherever you are in New Zealand, phone Cascade Pools on 0800 227223, or head online here to find about more about turning your backyard lawn into a healthy, kind-to-the-planet playground.

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21 Nov, 2021

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