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Polished glass surfaces give this kitchen a light, streamlined look and help make it an ideal place for contemplating the wide views

A close up view of the kitchen cabinetry. countertop, floor, flooring, furniture, interior design, kitchen, kitchen stove, product design, sink, table, black
A close up view of the kitchen cabinetry.

There is an interior design rule of thumb that suggests that a fantastic vista should not be compromised by a complicated interior. However, achieving the appearance of simplicity can often be a inherently complicated.

This expansive kitchen is a case in point. Designed by Mal Corboy, the 6m-wide kitchen sits neatly at the back of an open-plan living space in a penthouse apartment. The design, which presents an L-shaped kitchen with a large island, appears relatively straightforward. Yet behind the glossy surfaces are a number of features that aid functionality and add to the apartment's overall atmosphere.

"The clients wanted an eye-catching, sophisticated kitchen that would turn heads. They also had specific appliance requests for a double oven and large refrigerator," he says.

"One of the keys to achieving this look was choosing a simple material palette that included Corian, glass cabinetry and stainless steel accents that tie in with the appliances."

An obvious centrepiece of the kitchen is the 4m-wide island, with its 150mm-thick Corian countertop, which has waterfall ends.

A view of the kitchen area, wooden flooring, cabinetry, countertop, interior design, kitchen, real estate, gray, black
A view of the kitchen area, wooden flooring, cabinetry, laminex benchtops, lights, stainless steel appliances, sink and taps.

"The front of the island features a painted glass panel that creates a three-dimensional look. It is also lit, as is the space above the overhead cabinetry, for character and atmosphere," says Corboy.

Corian work surfaces with integrated sinks and a lowered cooktop also enhance the impression of seamlessness.

"Traffic around the island flows easily," says the designer.

"This is the result of another point of difference the island was designed more as a work space than an extra dining area. There are no barstools to obstruct movement or obscure the lighting effect."

Much of the kitchen cabinetry, which is comprised of wide drawers and cupboards, features painted glass front panels. Other cabinetry was manufactured from MDF, which was cut, lacquered and buffed. Handles were chosen to accentuate the horizontal lines created by the island.

A view of a kitchen, wooden flooring, lights, countertop, interior design, kitchen, real estate, room, gray
A view of a kitchen, wooden flooring, lights, cabinetry, laminex benchtops, stainless steel sink, taps and appliances.

"The glass cabinetry not only reflects the light, it also reflects the views, which helps to pull the outdoors in," says Corboy.

Throughout the kitchen, the designer sought solutions that would optimise functionality without detracting from the uniform aesthetic.

Power points were kept away from the back wall, but are still handily placed at each end of the bench. The inclusion of an on-bench pantry allows small appliances to be stored out of sight, and a decor panel on the dishwasher allows it to merge with other island cabinetry.

Credit list

Lacquered MDF; glass
Timber overlay
Graphic Glass
Oven and cooktop
Rice Paper Corian from Inform, Laminex
Supalux fluorescent
Kitchen sink
Ventilation and refrigeration
Waste disposal

Story by: Trendsideas

23 Feb, 2007